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One of the downsides of the summer months is how most of TV audience's shows are on hiatus until the fall. And while summer shows may help us get through the lack of programming, certain series are harder to wait for than others. Case in point: AMC's massively popular apocalyptic drama The Walking Dead. Although its spinoff Fear the Walking Dead helps to get fans through hiatus, the wait for Season 8 will be painful- especially after Season 7's explosive finale. And one cast member has recently revealed that Season 8 will feature scenes unlike anything we've seen before.

Actor Thomas Payne plays scrappy Hilltop resident Jesus in The Walking Dead. In a recent conversation with, Payne revealed that Season 8 will go places that the previous seven films didn't- particularly one big scene. He said,

As I just said, the episodes that we're shooting now are some of the best that have ever been shot. There was a sequence that was shot last week which I think is one of the iconic sequences in the show. It was a sequence that was shot which has never happened before in the show.

Doesn't that just give you goosebumps? The Walking Dead fans have seen a variety of insane scenes during the series' long tenure on AMC, so the idea that something wholly new will arrive on our TV screens is particularly exciting.

Jesus in The Hilltop

But now the question is: what in the world is Tom Payne referencing? The Walking Dead has seen just about every outlandish and horrifying scenario in the past seven seasons. We've seen Negan bash people's heads in, Maggie perform an emergency C-section on Lori, the prison plague, and Terminus' cannibalistic ways. So what exactly could Season 8 have that is so unique?

My money is that the "All Out War" plotline from the comics will be the upcoming iconic sequence. While The Walking Dead has shown two major gunfights (The Governor's assault on the prison, and Season 7's battle for Alexandria), these events are few and far between. Most of Season 7 passed with Alexandria thoroughly lacking in firearms and ammo. But with the Hilltop and the Kingdom uniting with Rick against Negan and The Saviors, there should be enough disposable ammo and bodies to make for an action-packed season. We likely haven't seen the last gunfight, and perhaps battles of these kind are the new sequences that Tom Payne is referencing.

Another option may be an increased presence for Ezekiel's tiger Shiva. While the tiger was mostly seen chilling in Season 7, it did manage to take a bite out of a few Saviors in Season 7's finale. With The Kingdom now engaging in the revolt against Negan, perhaps we'll be able to see Shiva get truly savage and tear through more villains. It would be refreshing to see something non-zombie related take a bite out of people too.

The Walking Dead will return for Season 8 sometime in October. In the meantime, you can watch Fear the Walking Dead Sundays on AMC. Be sure to check our summer premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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