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Halt And Catch Fire Adds Veep Star For Fourth And Final Season

Amy in Veep

AMC's drama series Halt and Catch Fire is getting ready to air its fourth and final season. Apparently, the surprisingly backstabbing and underhanded world of tech in the early nineties isn't all that different from politics, because the show has recruited a Veep star to help get it to the finish line. Anna Chlumsky, best known for her Emmy-nominated role on HBO's Veep has joined the series as a regular in a crucial role.

Anna Chlumsky will join Halt and Catch Fire as a pivotal character in the fourth season of the drama. Chlumsky will play Dr. Katie Herman, a Chief Ontologist, which in engineering terms is a person who studies the formal representations of a series of concepts within a domain and how they interact with each other. In other words, she's going to be a really smart person who the team of Halt and Catch Fire needs to be able to navigate the nascent days of the internet. Creator and showrunner Christopher C. Rogers said in a statement that they felt "incredibly lucky" to have Chlumsky join the series, and that she both "complements and somehow even further elevates the work of our core ensemble."

Halt and Catch Fire is a drama series on AMC that chronicles the early days of the tech industry, and the birth of the internet in the late eighties and early nineties. The show follows a cast of characters as they try to find a place in this new age, and the various struggles to accomplish this. The fourth season will find the characters searching for answers, both personally and professionally, while the competitive nature of the tech world continues to grow and affect their relationships. The show stars Lee Pace as Joe MacMillan, Mackenzie Davis as Cameron Howe, Scoot McNairy as Gordon Clark, Kerry Bishé as Donna Clark and Toby Huss as John Bosworth.

Anna Chlumsky is perhaps best known for her role on HBO's hit comedy series, Veep. Chlumsky plays Amy Brookheimer, the former Vice President's Chief of Staff, who is typically portrayed as being uptight, stressed out, and overly dedicated to her job. She has earned four consecutive Emmy nominations for her work on the show. Additionally, Chlumsky can also be seen in the 2015 movie End of Tour and the cult TV series Hannibal.

Halt and Catch Fire will air its final season later this summer on AMC. To learn more about what this summer has to offer, head on over to our summer TV premiere guide. Don't forget to keep up to date with which cable/streaming and broadcast series have been canceled or renewed.

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