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Spoilers lurk below for the two-part season finale of Fear the Walking Dead.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 served to introduce the bias-bound Jeremiah Otto and his Broke Jaw Ranch constituents, as well as the vengeful Qaletqa Walker and his Black Hat Reservation tribe. And while it looked like this season's midyear finale would bring those two factions together in a most heated and bloody battle, it didn't happen at all, with Madison "fixing" things up in her predictably dishonest ways. But does that mean the Otto/Walker war is already over now? Showrunner Dave Erickson explains.

Walker has seen Madison in her effort to protect her daughter, in her efforts to protect her son. There's something about her that he admires, and I think there's a certain warrior quality to her that he does respect in a way that he doesn't respect the Ottos. There's something about Madison that he's drawn to, and everyone shares that to some degree. So what we should take away from that moment is that she's clearly worked out a bargain with Walker, and the danger of them attacking has been deflected. So how that manifests in the second half of the season, we'll see.

I know I'm not the only fan to read those words and get a slight feeling of disappointment. After all, Season 3 has been as good as Fear the Walking Dead gets, and even as we're in a country constantly plagued with crimes motivated by race and politics, the AMC drama's hot button issues somehow didn't feel too bogged down or overwhelming. And I was quite impressed by how naturally the episodes peeled back the layers of Jeremiah's overt prejudice and misogyny, without blatantly hanging a "Villain" sign around his neck.

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As such, it would have been excellent to see Fear the Walking Dead wrap up the first half of this exceedingly diverse season in a way that would allow the war to escalate as Season 3 continues. I suppose, in the scheme of things, this battle was less about my desieres and more about these characters and Madison's need for vengeance. Dave Erickson explained to EW how Jeremiah's murder and Madison's decapitated head gift for Walker are basically a truce.

I think, to a certain degree, any sense of vengeance that she might've had over the death of Travis, she's been able to target that at Otto rather than at Walker. It's not that she's going to become his best friend, but I do think she's going to work with him from a practical and a pragmatic standpoint, and I don't think she's going into the back half of the season saying, you're the man that killed Travis. In some respects, she feels like the person that's ultimately responsible has been put down and dispatched.

That definitely makes sense, seeing as how Jeremiah's sordid land-grabbing history was the reason the Black Hat tribe started to seek out their revenge in the first place. And even though Madison lost the love of her life thanks to a bullet put out into the world by Walker, she can force herself to understand that it was done without malice against her or Travis, which makes dealing with him slightly easier to stomach. But I'm certain that if Madison is made to stand face-to-face with Walker and his tribe time and again, her hatred might once more bubble up to the surface. Especially if that poison-dosing Ofelia is involved.

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While Fear the Walking Dead could have realistically aired all of Season 3 in one go, AMC split the season up, and the back half will premiere on Sunday, September 10, at 9:00 p.m. ET. (Hopefully with more Daniel Salazar to come.) If you're needing to see what else is coming to the small screen in the future, head to our summer premiere schedule.

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