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Now that we're in the middle of July, avid TV viewers are in the midst of their favorite summer shows returning to the small screen. But the fall season will be here before we know it, and networks should begin slowly revealing information and footage.

Fans of AMC's massively popular apocalyptic drama The Walking Dead should expect the first footage from Season 8 to arrive during San Diego Comic-Con, and the very first still from the new footage has just arrived. It features two fan favorites teaming up again, much to the joy of the fandom.

The Walking Dead's dynamic duo is back, it looks like they're ready for the impending all out war against Negan and The Saviors.

Daryl and Carol's unique companionship is one of the most interesting interpersonal dynamics on The Walking Dead. While fans have flipped back and forth on whether they wanted the two to get romantic, their wholly platonic relationship is one so close that it's nearly non-verbal. They truly understand each other, despite each of their lack of social graces and issues grappling with their violent world. The two spent a great deal of episodes apart in Season 7, but now it looks like they'll definitely be supporting each other when the series returns in the fall.

That being said, Carol and Daryl aren't without their own set of issues to work out with each other. During their big scene together last season, Daryl lied to Carol about what happened in Alexandria's conflict with The Saviors. Claiming they all made it out safe and sound, he attempted to let her keep the life of solidarity that allowed her to finally stop having to kill people. But the truth eventually came out, and The Kingdom ended up helping to fight The Saviors and Scavengers in the battle for Alexandria. It all worked out in the end, but the pair is going to have to work out their trust issues if they're going to be able to truly use their skills and teamwork to win the war to come.

The stakes are high for the success The Walking Dead's eighth season. Season 7 was a bit divisive, and AMC is going to want to deliver big time in order to keep the rabid fandom invested in the series. After a horrifying and thrilling premiere episode, last season crashed to a halt. The characters were spread across various locations, and the first half of the season was almost entirely made up of capsule episodes, which made for an overall frustrating pace. Things picked up in the back half of the season, but viewership declined quite a bit during Season 7.

Luckily for AMC, the upcoming Season 8 will be focusing on one of the most iconic and beloved plot lines from Robert Kirkman's series of graphic novels. The conflict with The Saviors should be chock full of action, and all three off the communities are united in the battle. We're ready for all out war, and I doubt that The Walking Dead will fail to deliver.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC this fall. In the meantime, Fear The Walking Dead is in the midst of its third season, and you can check out our summer premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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