Fans of the groundbreaking American Horror Story know how hard it is to wait in between seasons, and not just because we're having to wait to watch. Most of the time, we're also waiting to hear what the hell the next season will be about. Well, the wait is over, people. At this year's San Diego Comic-Con, creator Ryan Murphy decided to make Season 7's theme announcement public in the most interesting of ways, via a water-show. And this year, we can look forward to American Horror Story: Cult.

With fans piled together, FX revealed American Horror Story: Cult's first theme-oriented teaser as a projection against water spouts, which was a really interesting way to handle things, and I kind of thought that water would enter into things in some way. But no, while we got to see some clowns and some other bizarre images, water was only the medium. Below, you can check out a much clearer version of things, but try not to spook yourself too much.

While the Cult theme has stayed a mystery until tonight, Ryan Murphy has been dropping a lot of hints in recent weeks, with fans already knowing for months that the season would tie into the most recent Presidential election. (You guys remember that one?) We then got to see a series of teaser images ranging from a weirdo elephant creature to an entity seemingly made up of holes. And THEN we found out that a certain killer clown would be returning to the horrific fold for Season 7. Now we kind of know how that all could tie together, with the holes image specifically causing people to guess "Hive" as the new theme. Cult fits right in with that, too. Especially that whole political angle.

Things didn't exactly go according to tradition for that most recent season of American Horror Story. Though the first batch of seasons were fairly transparent with their themes, putting them out there in the spring to get fans pumped for the fall, American Horror Story: Roanoke went in a completely different route, keeping its central conceit a full secret until the actual season premiere aired. But that's not happening now, since we are already set to see Season 7 tackled.

Whenever it was announced that Twisty the Clown would be returning in some way -- via a comic book based on him in some way -- I formed a base assumption that Twisty would encourage some kind of "following" that would keep his existence known through the decades after his...whatever that non-death was.

Now we can at least start thinking about where announced cast members like Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Arrow vet Colton Haynes and, having been announced most recently, Girls star and creator Lena Dunham. It all makes sense now? (I bet Marnie would join a cult.)

Revealed through the newly announced website, FX made it public that American Horror Story: Cult will shift to Tuesday nights for its now-cemented September 5 premiere, at 10:00 p.m. ET. Mark your calendars in blood and head to our summer premiere schedule to see everything else hitting the small screen in the coming months.

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