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The summer months can be difficult for avid TV watchers, as most shows are on hiatus until the fall ushers new episodes. That's certainly the case for AMC's massively popular The Walking Dead, although they've given us something to hold us over in the form of the spinoff Fear the Walking Dead. The first half of this season was super satisfying, and finally allowed the starring cast to become lethal survivors. And now the trailer for the back half of Season 3 is here, and it looks like things are going to get bad for the Otto Ranch.

It looks like the back half of Season 3 will be just as violent and intense as ever. Let's break down exactly what we're being shown in the above trailer.

The midseason finale of Fear's third season ended with Nick murdering Jeremiah Otto in order to save the Ranch and all of its residence. His feud with the Taqa Walker and the local Native Americans was seemingly ended with this gesture, as Madison delivered Jeremiah's head to Walker in order to start un uneasy alliance with their indigenous neighbors. But now it looks like that alliance might not last long, especially if the Otto Ranch's wells run dry immediately afterward.

Given Fear The Walking Dead's extremely warm dessert climate, water is life, and currency. So when the wells dry up, a war for survival will start at any moment. And with the Ranch previously opening its doors to Walker's tribe, the antagonist knows exactly how and when to attack Madison and the community. The Ranch will have to fight off intruders to keep their home, which should waste plenty of valuable weapons and ammunition. Additionally, the sadistic Troy may need to be called upon once again, as he commands the militia that keeps the Ranch safe. But given the freedom to kill, Troy's sanity and morality will probably unhinge again, allowing his primal urges to take control.

It should be interesting to see how the timeline of these events play out. If Madison gives Walker's community arms as part of their alliance, then the impending war could be pretty evenly stacked. Plus, the majority of The Ranch's residents aren't capable fighters; they do their chores and allow Troy's men to do the fighting on their behalf. This will make them lambs to the slaughter when Walker's forces eventually invade, regardless of whether its a gunfight or hand to hand combat.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the above trailer is Salazar's reunion with Madison. The Clarks and Ofelia collectively believe Daniel to have died back in Season 2, so it should be a major moment to see them come face to face. And considering the enemies that are eager to take The Otto Ranch, they're going to need Salazar's cutthroat attitude and strategic mind to keep the place. I'm eager to see Ofelia and her father finally interact, and see how his survival affects the young woman's stoic attitude. Ofelia was missing for most of Season 3's episodes, but smart money says she'll become a major figure in the second half of the season.

Fear the Walking Dead will air its midseason premiere on September 10th. In the meantime, check out our summer premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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