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Robert Kirkman hosted a panel at San Diego Comic-Con that our Head TV Editor, Nick Venable, was present for, and fans got some additional insight into Kirkman's thoughts on the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead. Here's what the creator of the franchise had to say about how the show handled the scarring brutality of Negan, and how he experienced it:

I got to watch it with an audience, and when it was happening, I was like...[grimaces]. 'That's a bit much.' And then, you know, the Cudlitz of it all and everything. Just like, 'Oh man, we really thought it was a good idea to do both of them. Alright.' But you know, it's good for the show. I think it was good to have that event for the seventh season. I think a lot of shows tend to be winding down when you get to your seventh season. I feel like there's a lot of new blood and a lot of energy injected into it.

At least it's good to know even Robert Kirkman thought the deaths of Glenn and Abraham were tough to watch. When asked if he regrets killing Glenn, however, Kirkman jokingly said "not even a little bit," and mentioned his response was primarily for Steven Yeun, who has stated he's a fan of the way his character went out. While it was hard to watch, Kirkman does have a point that it was effective, as not many shows in Season 7 can grab headlines as strong as The Walking Dead did when it aired that bloody scene. So, credit where credit is due.

Jumping ahead to Season 8 of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman seems just as satisfied as showrunner Scott M. Gimple with the way the show handled the "All Out War" arc. Kirkman indicated to fans that he was satisfied with how things worked out by the end of the season, and that they will be too:

When you guys see Season 8 and what we've got planned for this year, it'll all come together in a cool way.

Given the explosive five minute trailer The Walking Dead gave us yesterday, that's not at all surprising. It's even more reassuring to hear Robert Kirkman is a fan of this season, although it's not exactly like he would bury a show he's an executive producer on, even if he was doing a tell-all panel at SDCC. One has to wonder if the season "coming together in a cool way," has anything to do with that bizarre ending to the Season 8 trailer?

That's an answer we'll probably have to wait for until The Walking Dead returns for Season 8 on Sunday, October 22 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. Fans of the series who can't get enough info on the show right now might be interested in seeing the awesome poster for the upcoming season, as it is top notch. For information regarding shows on currently and where to find them, visit our summer premiere guide.

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