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robert kirkman on conan

It's almost hard to imagine that a little less than a decade ago, Robert Kirkman was "just" a comic book writer, plugging away on some of the most popular series in print, including the all-powerful The Walking Dead. Now, he's a multimedia empire, and one that is showing no signs of slowing down, especially now that he has signed a big overall deal with Amazon, where he also cemented a first-look deal with his company Skybound Entertainment. These will give Kirkman and his Skybound team a streaming sandbox to create the best TV shows possible.

Amazon Studios, which recently showed off its weirdness with the wild and hilarious Comrade Detective, has recently made it clear that the company wants to push forward with genre-based programming fitting into the horror, sci-fi and fantasy realms. (And why wouldn't it, given how well those kinds of shows flourish on cable and other streaming homes?) By roping in Robert Kirkman, Amazon has landed one of the biggest names in the horror game, with the overall deal assumedly eliminating any worries about Kirkman trying to start up any new projects anywhere else. Unless, of course, there's another globe-trotting Walking Dead spinoff in the cards somewhere.

Robert Kirkman co-founded Skybound Entertainment in 2010 with Walking Dead TV producer Dave Alpert, and the company has produced all manner of entertainment, from comic books (naturally) to video games to live-action TV shows and films. Outside of The Walking Dead, Cinemax's adaptation of Kirkman's possession horror comic series Outcast is one of Skybound's projects, as is the upcoming big screen take on Kirkman's beloved superhero series Invincible, which is being handled by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The company also set up an in-house digital studio for various digital output, so there's definitely no shortage of creativity happening there.

Now, with the Amazon deal, it would be easier than ever for Robert Kirkman to try and bring some of Skybound's other titles to the small screen. Ghosted involves a master thief being tasked with trying to steal a ghost out of a haunted house. Redneck is about a family of vampires whose small town Texas life gets turned upside down after the human population stops keeping the peace. Tech Jacket is about a college dropout who also keeps the world save from intergalactic threats as the titular hero. With the right creative teams, Skybound's entire library would be ripe for TV.

We're likely still a ways from hearing about what the first collaborative projects will be between Robert Kirkman and Amazon, but we're already waiting. In the meantime, remember that The Walking Dead will bring on the war with Negan when Season 8 premieres on AMC on Sunday, October 22. And to see everything else heading to the small screen soon, head to our summer premiere schedule and our fall TV guide.