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Unlike how things go at the Emmys, the This Is Us writers room is a place where Sterling K. Brown can go as an actor and speak freely without fear of being cut off. Brown recently shared how he'll sometimes pitch Randall-centered stories to the writers of NBC's cash cow drama, even though he isn't a writer. And one of the Season 2 pitches he made will actually affect a Randall flashback involving why he and Beth first got together.

Very often, you choose somebody who looks like your mom, but Randall makes this conscious choice to be with a black woman, and I really want us to explore that.

It looks like Season 2 of This Is Us will take us to Randall at around age 17, which is when he first met Beth. Specifically, Sterling K. Brown told THR he wanted the story to revolve around how Randall and his wife Beth first met, in addition to what was mentioned above. Can we expect something that will make us grab nearby tissues? Count on it.

It won't be the first time This Is Us has tackled race, as Season 1 had plenty of moments that highlighted Randall's upbringing as a black kid in a white family, as well as his modern-day struggles in adulthood. Season 2 appears as though the diverse writing staff is looking to maintain those narrative pathways, since THR reports that various speakers are invited into the room to share their stories and experiences to help the staff better understand they topics they write about.

The flashback with Beth seems as though it will tie into Randall's central storyline in Season 2 where the two look to make a "Big Three" of their own, via adoption. From the footage that has been released for Season 2 of This Is Us so far, Beth has some doubts about the adoption, and her hesitance appears to hurt Randall. The adoption angle has been hinted as being a big part of this season's storyline for Randall, so it's cool that Sterling K. Brown understands his character enough that he's able to hop in and offer up a storyline that will potentially be relevant to how the drama unfolds this season.

Fans should prepare for more thought-provoking, tear-provoking and Sterling K. Brown-inspired storylines when Season 2 of This Is Us debuts on NBC on Tuesday September 26th at 9:00 p.m. ET. Of course, it's not ALL about Randall this year, since Kevin is getting a big shot in Hollywood with a role alongside Sylvester Stallone, and we've been promised this is the season that we will finally learn how Jack Pearson died. Be sure to tune in for the premiere to witness that big reveal firsthand and keep up with all TV premieres this fall with our fall premiere guide.

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