Watch Tom Cruise Rock His Comedy Skills On Awkward Conan Segment

Promoting a movie isn't the easiest thing for a celebrity. They have to travel the world and give interviews to eager media personalities -- many of whom use bizarre gimmicks for their segments. Tom Cruise and Conan O'Brien recently tried something similar by getting into a car for an interview about American Made during an episode of Conan, and the resulting segment showed off Tom Cruise's comedic side in delightfully awkward fashion. Take a look at the video below.

No "Carpool Karaoke," and no Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Despite Tom Cruise's initial excitement for a game or a unique interview structure, Conan O'Brien instead opts just to put them in a car and drive around the wet, traffic-filled streets of London. Eventually, Tom Cruise comes to the realization that Conan has no real interest in discussing American Made (or any other Hollywood stories) with him, and the situation devolves into an awkward attempt to escape captivity. At least Cruise was great in An Officer and a Gentleman, right?

This Conan video shouldn't surprise fans with a deeper knowledge of Tom Cruise's filmography. Although he has primarily become known for his work in the action genre over the course of his career, Tom Cruise has proven time and time again that he has some pretty solid comedy chops to go along with his ability to run fast, scale tall buildings in Dubai, or fly jets. Between his work on films like Risky Business, Jerry Maguire, and (perhaps most notably) Tropic Thunder, he has most certainly established himself as more than an action star. He has kept those muscles loose in recent years, and it looks like American Made (for all of its excitement and action) will allow him to keep that trend going.

On that note, it looks like American Made represents a unique opportunity for Tom Cruise to simultaneously take on a "Tom Cruise" role while playing against type -- not unlike his recent work with Doug Liman on Edge of Tomorrow. His new film sees him step into the role of Barry Seal, a real-life pilot who goes to work for the CIA in a covert operation to build drug cartels in South America. Seal is a skilled hero who seems to have a hand in plenty of aerial action sequences, but the film also appears to offer Cruise several scenes to cut loose and embrace his funny side. After all, watching him ride a bike while covered in cocaine will never not get a laugh out of us. This guy can deliver the funny, and Conan O'Brien knows how to get it out of him.

Make sure to watch out for Tom Cruise as Barry Seal when Doug Liman's American Made hits theaters tomorrow on September 29. As for everything on the horizon in the realm of television, take a look at our fall 2017 TV guide to keep yourself in the loop on all of the most highly anticipated premieres!

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