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Rick and Morty szechuan sauce mcdonalds

Rick and Morty has effectively become a cultural institution in its three seasons on the air. Not just a great science fiction comedy (although it certainly is that as well), the show has managed to permeate the real world and create some massive (and absolutely insane) pop culture watershed moments. One such moment was Rick's undying love for McDonald's Szechuan sauce that arose during Rick and Morty's surprise Season 3 premiere, and now it looks like the fast food chain is finally going to bring the sauce back for fans to try in all of its rare deliciousness. Wubba lubba dub dub!

McDonald's has officially announced the release of a brand new Buttermilk Crispy Tenders item on its menu, as well as the limited edition re-release of the Mulan-inspired Szechuan sauce, following the sauce's resurgence in popularity due to Rick and Morty. The supposedly delicious, 20-year-old sauce will be available at select locations on October 7. In addition to the release of the sauce, McDonald's is also offering 1,000 limited edition posters inspired by all of its sauces -- from Szechuan to spicy buffalo and tangy BBQ.

This development has not gone unnoticed by the folks behind the scenes at Rick and Morty, as series co-creator Justin Roiland took to Twitter after the announcement to get the word out.

McDonald's decision to release the Szechuan sauce comes after a long journey back to prominence. The joke began on the April Fools Day Season 3 premiere of Rick and Morty, in which the Facehugger-killing, pickle transforming mad scientist proclaimed his love for the dipping sauce. From there, fans have clamored for the McDonald's dish to come back (even if only for a limited time), and Justin Roiland even recently got a delivery of the sauce straight from the folks at the fast-food chain. So many people have been dying to try this sauce, and now it looks like they will finally get their chance -- if they happen to be near one of the participating locations, that is.

Rick and Morty ended its long-awaited third season last night, but we will bring you more information related to the show's longer fourth season as new details become available. If you need a new show to fill the Rick and Morty void this fall, then take a look at our comprehensive fall TV premiere guide to see what else is on the horizon for TV debuts over the next few months!

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