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Negan outside of Alexandria

While most TV shows have already returned for a season premiere, AMC's The Walking Dead is keeping the fandom waiting. The massively popular apocalyptic drama is still a few weeks out from its Season 8 premiere, and fans are practically salivating at the thought of more zombie goodness in the near future. And those thirsty fans can get more access to content and sneak peeks by joining AMC's streaming service, AMC Premiere.

AMC Premiere is hoping to incentivize the streaming service with the millions of Walking Dead fans that already pay for the cable channel. Vulture reports that AMC Premiere currently provides fans with a sneak peek into Season 8 through its 14 minute original short titled Red Machete, with an accompanying second short set to release over the holiday hiatus.

The title of the short is no doubt a reference to Rick Grimes' signature melee weapon from past seasons. When Rick and his group are captured by the cannibalistic members of Terminus, a few of them were taken to be killed in a slaughter house. It's here that Rick threatens Gareth, and informs him that he's got a red handled machete in the woods, and that he's going to kill Gareth with it. This eventually came to fruition when Rick and the group massacred the surviving Terminites in Father Gabriel's church-- one of the most grisly scenes from the show's long tenure, and many characters' first time killing another person.

Walking Dead fans may also be interested in AMC Premiere once Season 8 begins airing. Because each week subscribers will get a sneak peek into the upcoming episode. Specifically, they'll get to watch each new episode's cold open ahead of its airtime, which will help give a tease as to what the upcoming hour of television will entail. Of course, sometimes the cold openings provide major plot, in which case AMC Premiere will provide early access to another scene instead.

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It should come to no surprise that AMC is trying to get in on the streaming service game. Just about every channel has already launches their own apps, and now they've moved on to subscription based streaming services as well. The Walking Dead is the network's breakaway hit, and is largely considered the most popular show on television. This type of rabid fanbase is willing to shell out serious cash money to get their Walking Dead fix, so it's smart business to provide extra TWD goodies for AMC Premiere. Subscribers will also be able to watch episodes commercial free. We'll just have to wait and see how many folks subscribe to the service once Season 8 of The Walking Dead premiers in a few week's time.

The Walking Dead will return for Season 8 October 22nd on AMC. In the meantime, be sure to check out our fall premiere list to plan y our next binge watch.