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Warning: big spoilers ahead for the latest episode of This Is Us on NBC.

This Is Us has been delivered heartfelt plot twist after heartfelt plot twist ever since the very beginning, and viewers are well-advised to keep tissues handy for any happy and/or sad tears that flow during episodes. The death of Jack has been looming over the series, and clues about how it happened have been dropping, which means that a lot of the plot twists have been slightly overshadowed by the impending loss. Luckily, there was a plot twist in the latest episode that has nothing to due with the tragedy of Jack's death: the final moments of the hour revealed that Kate has a bun in the oven. Actress Chrissy Metz has shared her thoughts on how things will change now that Kate is pregnant, saying this:

It goes back to the second episode when she goes to the Hollywood party and her and Toby just started dating. She's in that drunken stupor of really being honest with her emotions, and she says, 'If I can even get pregnant, will people even notice? Will people even believe that I'm pregnant?' So now that she is, there's so many emotions: Will she be a mom like her mother? And when she's feeling good about herself, will she able to pursue singing? And trying to figure out all of her life and bring in another life to the world, that's a huge responsibility. How is Toby going to be as a dad? I'm sure perfect. And what does it mean for their relationship? How sad will she be that her father's not here? There's so many things going on, but she's ultimately happy that she's taking these necessary steps to be mentally and emotionally on the tracks, and physically on the tracks of where she's supposed to be, and this goes to show she's obviously very happy with Toby. It's a new chapter of her life and I think one really that she never expected.

While speaking about the Kate pregnancy twist with EW, Chrissy Metz revealed that Kate will be dealing with a lot of emotional ups and downs at a time when it seemed like she was gaining control over everything in her life. Now there's a very big variable in her life that will require constant care and attention. Of course, the episode exposited that she is six weeks along, and she has clearly known about the pregnancy for a while even if she hasn't broken the news to Toby. She's been taking care of herself with more attention to detail than ever before.

The reveal that Kate is pregnant proved that all of her efforts to eat healthy foods and maintain a workout schedule were about more than a drive to fit into a certain dress for her performance. While many of us probably sympathized with Toby as he tried to get Kate to relax and maybe cheat on her strict diet/workout regime when it seemed like she was only concerned with the dress, many of our minds probably changed as soon as Kate's doctor made it clear that there's a bun in the oven.

So far, Kate seems to be doing everything right from a physical standpoint. She's taking disciplined steps to make sure that she's as healthy as possible as her pregnancy progresses. From an emotional standpoint... well, we can only hope that she breaks the happy news to Toby sooner rather than later. The commercial for the next episode indicates that we won't have to wait too long to see more development on this particular storyline, so it should definitely be worth tuning in. Who could have guessed that the Kardashian pregnancy joke in the premiere would be followed by news of an in-universe This Is Us pregnancy?

New episodes of This Is Us air on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. If the ratings keep up, we can be sure that NBC will be plenty happy with the series.

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