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No TV show can last forever, although some are able to reinvent themselves time and time again to stick around. Unfortunately, fans of a certain E! series will soon be out of luck. The show Fashion Police has officially gotten the axe from E! and will not return following the upcoming TV special.

The final special will fittingly be called "Fashion Police: The Farewell" and hit the airwaves in November. It will be hosted by Melissa Rivers, a.k.a. the daughter of iconic original host Joan Rivers. Current panelists NeNe Leakes, Giuliana Rancic, Margaret Cho, and Brad Goreski will all appear. In honor of the woman who made the series what it is today, highlights of the late Joan Rivers' time on the show will air throughout the special. There is still an episode of Fashion Police featuring Joan Rivers that was never aired, and footage from that episode will finally be released.

Surprise celebrity guests are reportedly slated to appear. Given the wide variety of famous faces that have contributed to the show over the years, it's difficult to guess who will make one last appearance on Fashion Police. Fortunately for longtime fans, Fashion Police won't go out without revisiting some of its signature segments, including "Guess Me From Behind," "Starlet or Streetwalker," and "Bitch Stole My Look."

While fans might be slightly surprised by the news of Fashion Police's upcoming conclusion, Variety reports that the decision was made after host/executive producer Melissa Rivers met with execs. It seems that the time was deemed right for the series to come to a conclusion. By what has been announced about the finale special so far, I think we can expect that a lot of what was so much fun throughout the years on the show will be present in the last hurrah.

Fashion Police kicked off on E! back in 2010, with Joan Rivers as a host and a number of panelists, including (for a time) Kelly Osbourne. The early years were not without drama, and the death of Joan Rivers in 2014 obviously meant that changes to the series had to happen. The show was never quite the same afterward. Joan Rivers was the hilarious heart and soul of Fashion Police for some. Still, the show continued for another couple of years with TV specials. The time really might be right for the end to come for Fashion Police. Hopefully it goes out with a bang.

"Fashion Police: The Farewell" will air on Monday, November 27 at 8 p.m. ET on E! Be sure to tune in if you want to see how the show will wrap up its run. If you're still in the market for other TV shows now and in the coming weeks, take a look at our fall TV guide and 2017 Netflix schedule for all your options. There are plenty of great shows that could make you feel better if you're super bummed about the end of Fashion Police.

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