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Watch Daryl And Carol Prepare For War In The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere Clip

October is an exciting time for avid TV fans, as most networks begin premiering their new season toward the beginning of the month. But there are a few popular shows that are holding out on us, including Stranger Things and The Walking Dead. The latter will finally premiere this coming Sunday on AMC, and information has been slowly revealed to amp up anticipation for the impending war against Negan and The Saviors. The fight will bring together the various characters and communities that were introduced last year, although most fans are eager to see the classic characters reunite for a common goal. A new scene was just release from Sunday's premiere, and it features fan favorites Carol and Daryl preparing for an impending conflict. Check it out.

The scene picks up in the wake of a skirmish, presumably between The Alexandrians and The Saviors. We're shown as Morgan walks away from a flaming conflict, with a bloodied staff and handgun in toe. Morgan has clearly abandoned his previous position on killing, and is seemingly focused on the war against Negan and his followers. This should please fans, who were bored with his pacifistic views during the zombie apocalypse.

It appears that some sort of transaction went down after the battle, presumably with two different communities splitting the profits of their victory. The two groups are Alexandria (obviously) and The Kingdom, where Carol and presumably Daryl are currently residing outside of. Tara thanks them for the spoilers of war, and departs with Morgan to an unknown destination.

That's when the meat of the clip really starts. Daryl and Carol embrace, as a hoard of walkers approach their location. Daryl maintains that their impending adventure was going to be fun, which Carol refutes. But he tells her its better than sitting on their hands and letting Negan walk all over them, to which the Cookie Lady seemingly agrees.

While this scene is brief in length, it shows where both Carol and Morgan's respective outlooks on the apocalypse lie in the wake of Season 7's explosive finale. Carol has her own existential crisis last year, as the guilt for her many murders has begun to weight on her conscience. She left Rick's group in order to avoid having to kill for them, and spend the majority of last season in a lonely cabin outside the walls of The Kingdom. But she's one again agreed to take up arms, this time to save all of the peaceful communities from Negan's influence. She helped inspire King Ezekiel to join the alliance, which ultimately resulted in the group saving Carl's life right before Negan killed the Grimes boy.

The Walking Dead will return for Season 8 this Sunday the 22nd on AMC. In the meantime, check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

Corey Chichizola

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