Ten Days In The Valley Just Got Some Discouraging News From ABC

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Kyra Sedgwick isn't having the best year. First, she found out her husband Kevin Bacon is her distant cousin, and now her drama Ten Days In The Valley just got some discouraging news from ABC. The straight-to-series drama hasn't been performing in the ratings, and ABC is shifting the drama from Sunday nights to Saturdays beginning in December.

THR reports Ten Days In The Valley will start its Saturday shift beginning December 16th with two episodes airing that day. From that point, a new episode will air at 10 p.m. EST every Saturday, until the two-hour conclusion beginning at 9 p.m. EST on January 6th. Beginning this Sunday (October 29th), Ten Days In The Valley will be replaced by encore showings of Shark Tank, so fans don't have a chance to rally support ahead of the series' schedule shift to the television graveyard.

While upsetting to fans, the decision is rather unsurprising. Ten Days In The Valley has had low ratings, which star and executive producer Kyra Sedgwick attributes to a lot of competition and ABC not promoting the series enough. The good news, at least, appears to be that ABC is allowing the series to reach a conclusion, which is better than outright cancelling the show before all episodes have a chance to air.

If nothing else, that gives Ten Days In The Valley the chance of renewal via a streaming service, which always seems to be a possibility. The show has a solid cast, and if Kyra Sedgwick truly believes the show's struggle lies mainly in promotion and competition, it could be an attractive option for a platform like Netflix to drop some cash on. Critical reception of the series is mixed, but reviews air enough on the side of positive that it could reasonably thrive in another setting.

If that option isn't on the table, then it appears probable that Ten Days In The Valley will come to an end in early January. It will be the first freshman series of ABC this year to get its schedule shifted, while other dramas on the network like The Good Doctor are getting renewed after just two episodes. Now that Ten Days In The Valley is squarely set on Saturday nights for the remaining episodes, it seems ABC might not be interested in renewing the show for Season 2.

The next scheduled airing of Ten Days Of The Valley has been bumped to December 16th, so fans will have to wait quite a while to see the series pick up again. Fortunately, there are still plenty of shows that fans of the series can watch until then. Stay in the loop by bookmarking our fall premiere guide and never miss another show's premiere.

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