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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the mid-season finale of Star Trek: Discovery. Read at your own risk!

Star Trek: Discovery's midseason finale went live on CBS All Access last night, and it was a wild one! Michael Burnham took on Kol, Stamets is going through some thangs, and a Klingon spoke English (thanks to a universal translator). Beyond all that, there were two game-changing moments from this episode that will give fans something to think about while waiting for more episodes to premiere January 7th. Mainly, what's going on with Klingon captive L'Rell and Lieutenant Ash Tyler, and where did the Discovery end up?

Lieutenant Ash Tyler

What's Going On With L'Rell And Ash?

Ash's stressful time in captivity with L'Rell was a big part of the midseason ender, and Star Trek: Discovery fans got a glimpse of exactly what Lieutenant Tyler did to survive. Haunted by nightmares of torture and sexual favors to prevent more of it, Tyler heads to the brig to confront his captor. Unfortunately, Tyler didn't get the answers he hoped for, with L'Rell telling the lieutenant she'll "Never let them hurt you." Non-conveniently for viewers, any further questioning is halted by an alert to the bridge.

Is L'Rell playing head games with her former captive, or was there something more meaningful behind those words? Star Trek: Discovery fans have long theorized Ash Tyler is actually the ousted Klingon leader Voq in disguise, but this episode did a lot to show that if that theory is true, Tyler himself likely has no clue. Don't forget that L'Rell instructed Voq he would have to give up "everything" for her plan to work. Did that include his identity and sense of self? What good would brainwashing a Klingon and making him look human do towards ending this war? Whatever the reasoning, L'Rell purposely transported herself to the Discovery alongside Tyler, so she has to be planning something.

Captain Lorca Jason Issacs Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Acces

Where Is The Discovery?

The end of "Into the Forest I Go" shows the Discovery attempting to travel to a starbase when something went haywire with Stamets, and the ship appeared in another unknown location. It's not the first time a Starfleet ship has been transported to a place of undiscovered origin, but the plot thickened when Saru announced he couldn't figure out where the Discovery is, followed by Lorca pointing out they're surrounded by Klingon wreckage. Is the crew somewhere further on in deep space, or did they travel somewhere else entirely?

It's likely not coincidental that Stamets' bad reaction after his spore-drive jump happens very shortly before Star Trek: Discovery fans learned this new information. Since Stamets ties into the whole mirror universe nod from an earlier episode, and with the Discovery surrounded by heaps of Klingon wreckage in unknown space, it appears as though the series could pick up with the crew stranded in the Mirror Universe. CBS kind of spoiled this potential reveal prior to their midseason finale, and Jonathan Frakes teased an arc in the series would deal with the Mirror Universe, so it almost seems obvious this is where the show will pick up in 2018. Unless it does something else completely.

Star Trek: Discovery will return to CBS All Access on January 7th, 2018, continuing what has been a thrilling Season 1. Hopefully, the second half is just as great as the first, as the show is already signed on for Season 2, and there's so much more that Star Trek fans could see. Fans looking for something to kill time until the show's return in January should hit up our fall premiere guide to see what else is on tap for 2017. For a look at shows that were unable to survive the season, visit our cancellation guide.

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