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Spoilers below for The Walking Dead's latest episode, "Time for After."

Just as Rick was bringing his big plan to fruition on The Walking Dead, he discovered that everything he thought was happening at the Sanctuary was not quite the case, with all the walkers currently gone from the Sanctuary's exterior. Team Family will be dealing with the aftermath of that situation in next week's midseason finale, which goes by the title "How It's Gotta Be," and you can watch how the next battle is going to kick off in the trailer below.

Now that Rick finally has a new army of "friendlies" in the completely clothed Jadis and her junkyard crew, of course he's going to have more problems coming to light. Rick and Jadis clearly thought they were getting the jump on whatever enemies they were about to attack, but their target started shooting first (handily missing everyone of importance). We're due for watching a huge chunk of Scavengers getting killed off, so expect for that to happen.

Meanwhile, Carl is preparing for the worst in Alexandria. He wants to get weapons and head out of dodge sans vehicles, so some section of Negan's crew is likely about to bring the chaos to that community. Or perhaps it'll be a walker herd. Whatever the threat, Carl seems certain that making it through the night will be the biggest hurdle, so maybe he's talking about vampires? (Not really.)

We also get to see some worried reactions from Aaron, Enid, Michonne, Tara and Carol, who is running up to something that's apparently worth some serious consideration. Jesus and Maggie, who are currently on different sides of the "What to do with the Saviors" coin, are leading others on a road trip that might not go the way they hope it will.

AMC also released a first look clip for the midseason finale, and it focuses more time on the obstacle that enters into Jesus and Maggie's journey.

No sign of Negan or Lucille, which is interesting, considering we only got to see the big bad sharing his confidence in Eugene tonight. But it's a 90-minute episode, so we're likely going to see all the big characters showing up, even if not everyone will survive until the credits.

The Walking Dead's midseason finale airs on AMC on Sunday, December 10, at 9:00 p.m. ET. To see what new and returning shows will be around when the walker horror is gone for the winter, head to our fall TV premiere schedule and our 2018 midseason premiere schedule.

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