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Michael Ted Danson The Good Place NBC

Considering just how well he portrays his character Jason Mendoza, one may assume that actor Manny Jacinto is someone constantly goofing around and doing odd stuff on the set of The Good Place. According to Jacinto, that's not the case, and he recently said if there was a "Jason Mendoza" on set, it would be his co-star and TV icon Ted Danson. Jacinto definitely makes a strong argument in sharing a hilariously gross talent Danson showed off for his co-stars one day while they were sitting around:

Ted, when you meet him, he is legitimately the nicest man on the planet. And he doesn't have to be. He is a veteran in this industry. He can do whatever he wants. I remember there was one time he was eating Swedish Fish and all of the sudden he just paused. I don't know if this was a party trick or if it just came to him on the spot, but he was able to eat the Swedish Fish through his mouth, take a piece of it, and then snort it through his nose like a booger. All of us freaked out. William Jackson Harper ran across the stage. I ran for my life. We just didn't know what was going on. Witnessing that moment right there was like, 'Oh my goodness, if anything, Ted Danson is Jason Mendoza. He's just the biggest child out of all of us.' I just remember that, and I don't think I'll ever forget that moment, Ted Danson taking a booger out of his nose.

Wow, that's as impressive as it is nasty. Whether that's a party trick Ted Danson picked up later in life, or something he honed while on the set of Cheers, we'll probably never know. But it's hilarious that he used it to get a good scare out of both Manny Jancito and Chidi portrayer William Jackson Harper. It would be great if The Good Place could find a way to work Danson's bizarre talent into the show itself, possibly as a way of showing Michael is still a gross demon despite his supposed change in morals. Although the show might lose a few viewers who think its forkin' nasty to shoot candy out of one's nose.

As gross as Ted Danson's unusual skills may be, Manny Jacinto appears to hold his co-star on The Good Place in high regard, telling Vulture that Danson is one of the nicest men on the planet. Plus, he has been more than generous to his fans by inspiring his co-stars to share stories about his hilarious antics. This Swedish Fish story is right up there alongside the one about him getting too high while making Bored To Death and forgetting his lines. At the ripe young age of 70, Danson is breaking the mold that anyone can ever be too old to do anything.

That said, no one should be making a habit of eating Swedish Fish pieces in front of people and then popping those pieces out of a nostril, unless they want to be labeled as weird and someone not to share foods with. That's really only something Ted Danson can do and still be called cool.

New episodes of The Good Place air on NBC on Thursday nights at 8:30 p.m., and while we can assume both Ted Danson and Manny Jacinto will be appearing, no word on whether Swedish Fish will be involved. The series just had its midseason premiere last night and joined a whole heap of other shows making their debuts in 2018. For a full list of what to expect, head on over to our midseason premiere guide. Those still stuck in 2017 and wishing to see which shows were canceled can find out via our cancellation guide.