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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the midseason premiere of Star Trek: Discovery! Read at your own risk.

Star Trek: Discovery returned to CBS All Access tonight, and there was not one boring moment to be found from start to finish. Trek veteran Jonathan Frakes was at the helm of unquestionably the biggest episode of the show's run to date, and he had tons to work with, as this episode was loaded with some big answers and major reveals that franchise fans should go nuts for. For those that may have missed a moment, or anyone who wants a little more insight, here were some of the midseason premiere's jaw-dropping moments:

Lt. Tyler Ash Star Trek Discovery CBS All Access

Tyler Is Voq

In what was perhaps the most satisfying reveal of the night, Star Trek: Discovery's midseason premiere confirmed something the fanbase has suspected for a while now. After being haunted by a severe bout of disturbing imagery, Tyler went to L'Rell's cell and demanded answers about what happened to him. L'Rell began a Klingon prayer, which makes Tyler start to speak like Voq, and he also regained memories of being a Klingon. Something went wrong, though, and Tyler returned to his human self, although the victory would only be short-lived, since the Lieutenant continued struggling with his identity for the whole episode.

One snap of Lieutenant Commander Culber's neck later, and Voq once more seemed to be fully aware of who he was. While he may no longer be confused, it was made clear in the episode that the transformed Klingon still felt tied to the life he knew as Ash Tyler. The episode ended with Voq/Tyler telling Burnham he'd always protect her, although we'll see how much she'll want to protect him once she learns who he truly is.

USS Defiant Star Trek: Enterprise

The U.S.S Defiant Was Mentioned

As many had speculated after the midseason finale, the U.S.S. Discovery is in the Mirror Universe. What's even crazier, they're indeed in a place where the Federation has already gone before. In a cool easter egg, the Star Trek: Discovery crew found the U.S.S Defiant had been in the mirror universe once before. Yes, Star Trek: Enterprise came into play here, with Star Trek: Discovery acknowledging the Scott Bakula series' storyline from the episode "In a Mirror, Darkly," which saw the Constitution-class starship being zapped across time and space by the Terran Empire, which was using the ship to further its tech.

While perhaps not the sexiest reference Star Trek: Discovery can make, the moment did make for an impressive show of continuity in the Star Trek universe(s). And it should score some brownie points with the Star Trek fans who take issue with the different-looking Klingons and other creative liberties the freshman series has taken, although sci-fi naysayers can be a hard bunch to please. With the Discovery crew trapped in the Mirror Universe for the foreseeable future, let's hope we get a look at the stolen ship in an upcoming episode.

Michael Burnham Sonequa Martin-Green Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

Burnham Finally Got Command Of A Ship

After it was teased in the series premiere, Star Trek: Discovery fans finally got to see Michael Burnham taking command of a ship. Unfortunately, it was not the kind of command she may have wanted. With her doppelgänger deceased, Burnham was able to infiltrate the Terran I.S.S. Shenzhou, with Captain Lorca portraying his fugitive doppelgänger as her prisoner. Now both aboard the ship, the two must play their parts in an effort to discover a way to bring the U.S.S Discovery back to the "real" universe before the war is lost.

As Lorca told Michael before they beamed over, that means doing whatever it takes to ensure their cover is not blown. For Burnham, that meant allowing Lorca to be tortured inside an Agonizer, plus killing the acting captain of the Shenzhou when he attacked her. Neither of those was very easy for Burnham, especially killing the Captain, since he was the double of someone she knew from the Shenzhou in her universe. Of course, showing any mercy or remorse in the Terran Empire is a sign of weakness, so Burnham had to be on her best emotionless Vulcan behavior as to not arouse any suspicion. She managed to stay calm and collected in her first two big tests, but one has to wonder just how much Michael will tolerate before finally drawing the line.

Star Trek: Discovery will hopefully provide more answers as a new episode heads to CBS All Access on Sunday nights at 8:30 p.m. ET. For more on upcoming television, head on over to our midseason premiere guide. Those wishing to revisit some of 2017's failures can find a bunch of them over at our cancellation guide. Those looking for something a little whackier can visit our craziest live television moments and be glad 2018 is a new year!