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Whether you're a fully biological human being or a completely manufactured android, there's a good chance you're excited about Westworld Season 2, which finally announced its premiere date for its big Super Bowl trailer. That may have been the most important factoid derived from the promo, but it definitely wasn't the only one. Thanks to co-creator Jonathan Nolan and a very interesting binary code seen during the trailer, we now know a lot more fun and world-expanding details about what's coming in Season 2 (and possibly beyond). Let's kick things off with the biggest reveal of all, quite literally.

Delos Actually Has Six Different Parks

Thanks to Michael Crichton's Westworld film, fans of the HBO drama were already expecting to hear about several more "worlds" within the Delos brand. There have been some major clues (if no outright confirmations) that Samurai World will join the wild west destination in Season 2, as well as Roman World and Medieval World. Then amazingly, one cypher-minded fan spotted and decoded a message seen in Westworld's Super Bowl trailer, which unveiled the new site "Delos Destinations." Looking into the "Experience" tab reveals SIX different options, with Westworld being the only working link available. The second choice has a damaged image file that, when not glitching, shows the above image, with the "SW" in the corner seemingly indicating Samurai World.

The other four locations, unfortunately, feature their own glitchy messages saying that reservations are closed to the public. But I'd bet all the money in existence that these looping vids all feature clues that hint at each destination. Could Future World be one of them? Or Batman World or Viking World? What about a Westworld World, where it's a park that's based on itself?

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James Delos Will Be In Season 2

HBO's on-air Super Bowl ad was an appetite-whetter, while the online version really brought the goods. Sneakily, HBO actually added a third version of the preview to the show's main website, which revealed the (above) nightmarish look at a character we aren't yet familiar with. As confirmed by the Delos Destinations site, this new addition is the always stellar Peter Mullan, of Ozark and Gunpowder fame as of late. He'll be playing none other than James Delos, the founder of the morally contentious Delos Incorporated. Here's the only information to be gleaned about him at this point, which is taken from a quasi-mission statement.

Decades ago, a man had an idea as old as human ambition itself, that the only limit to progress is imagination. The ability to see a better world. Delos Inc. was formed from that goal and nothing else, because James had nothing else. He used to joke that where he grew up, having dreams was like fighting gravity. But he never lost faith that his dream could take off, and now Delos is more than a name. It's a legacy.

A brighter and happier shot of James accompanies this statement, which isn't indicative of why he isn't around anymore to witness Delos' harrowing devolution. That shot above, though, doesn't offer any good omens about his fate. Of course, that could very well be a host version of the presumably brilliant founder, rather than his human form. Regardless, the chances of James Delos being Westworld's most empathetic and selfless character are slim.

Some Shots Were Crafted With The Ad In Mind

HBO and Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy started planning the multimedia commercial early on, and as the network's first Super Bowl ad in 20 years, everyone knew how important it was. So that allowed the production team to really spice up the ad's dark-side flip, in which that bull wreaks havoc in the labs. The sequence was already conceived, but setting it as the ad's showcase gave the team the incentive to put more resources into crafting it as perfectly as possible. Here's how Nolan put it to EW.

That set piece was conceived for the season and we executed it with extra time and care because our partners at HBO thought it would make a great centerpiece for the ad. It has always been scripted, but we leaned harder into it.

Additionally, Jonathan Nolan said that Delores' final moment in the trailer -- in which she addresses the camera/viewers by saying "Our world," -- was the one bit created especially for the Super Bowl promo. Everything else we saw in there is show canon, so there's no cause for fretting over other shots being created as fakeouts. That said, it would be pretty grand if Delores gained the ability to cause a Zack Morris "Time Out" in order to break the fourth wall from time to time.

Peter And Logan Are Definitely Back

As seen in two different (but similarly fleeting) shots, Westworld Season 2 is bringing back Ben Barnes' advantage-seeking Logan and Louis Herthum's Peter, the unfortunate father to Delores (and whatever other personalities). Seen above, a potentially injured Peter will apparently inspire the need for restraint, and it's more than likely that Delores, in one version or another, was responsible.

Then we have a distant-in-the-frame Logan and Delores at a modern dinner party, though the exact year is a mystery. The exact anything is a mystery, really, since viewers aren't used to seeing any characters outside the well-established park settings. Logan's Season 2 involvement was completely up in the air for a long while, with his and William's past arc wrapped up for all obvious intents and purposes. But it sounds like, as it went with Peter and William, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy just couldn't leave the characters behind. Here's what Nolan told EW.

They are back. We had so much fun working with Ben and Louis and had more story to tell with them. Dolores' story --- as we've learned about all our hosts by the end of the first season --- their lives span decades. So we have more storytelling to do about the origin of the park and the park's little secret project.

All eras of Westworld's fictional narrative are worth exploring, as far as we're concerned, even when it means possibly stepping outside what's familiar. And especially when it involves deepening Delores' nuanced story.

Westworld Season 2 will finally debut on HBO on Sunday, April 22. Want to know what other shows will be showing up on the small screen before then? Head to our midseason premiere schedule.