Whether you're a fully biological human being or a completely manufactured android, there's a good chance you're excited about Westworld Season 2, which finally announced its premiere date for its big Super Bowl trailer. That may have been the most important factoid derived from the promo, but it definitely wasn't the only one. Thanks to co-creator Jonathan Nolan and a very interesting binary code seen during the trailer, we now know a lot more fun and world-expanding details about what's coming in Season 2 (and possibly beyond). Let's kick things off with the biggest reveal of all, quite literally.

Delos Actually Has Six Different Parks

Thanks to Michael Crichton's Westworld film, fans of the HBO drama were already expecting to hear about several more "worlds" within the Delos brand. There have been some major clues (if no outright confirmations) that Samurai World will join the wild west destination in Season 2, as well as Roman World and Medieval World. Then amazingly, one cypher-minded fan spotted and decoded a message seen in Westworld's Super Bowl trailer, which unveiled the new site "Delos Destinations." Looking into the "Experience" tab reveals SIX different options, with Westworld being the only working link available. The second choice has a damaged image file that, when not glitching, shows the above image, with the "SW" in the corner seemingly indicating Samurai World.

The other four locations, unfortunately, feature their own glitchy messages saying that reservations are closed to the public. But I'd bet all the money in existence that these looping vids all feature clues that hint at each destination. Could Future World be one of them? Or Batman World or Viking World? What about a Westworld World, where it's a park that's based on itself?

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