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Will Carl's Story Change The Walking Dead Comics At All?

Carl on this season of The Walking Dead

Season 8 of The Walking Dead has been a doozy. After a divisive and depressing seventh season at The Saviors' marcy, With All Out War against Negan has finally begun. While we've seen plenty of unnamed characters die in the various gunfights of the season, there hadn't been any significant character deaths. But the midseason finale changed this, revealing that Carl had suffered a zombie bite to the rib while fighting off the undead with newcomer Siddiq. This has led many to question if Carl will also be killed off of the graphic novels, or if it'll change the comics at all. Creator Robert Kirkman recently addressed this, saying:

As far as whether or not I think it's going to change things for the comic in a way that is detrimental to the show, I definitely don't. I think that there's a lot of great stuff from the comic that will be adapted into the show in Season 9 or beyond.

It looks like Robert Kirkman doesn't think that Carl's TV death will affect the comics at all. This should be a relief to the OG Walking Dead fans out there, who have been following the graphic novels since they debuted back in 2003.

Indeed, Carl continues to be a major player in the Walking Dead comics. The Grimes boy has emerged as a capable member of the group, forming a family unit with Rick and Andrea (yeah, she's alive too). Much like the comics, his unique relationship to Negan proved fascinating, although unfortunately now it appears that pairing is over on the show.

Robert Kirkman's comments at Walker Stalker Con (via Comic Book) also teased plot points from the comics that might be popping up in future Walking Dead episodes. Even though we're still very much wrapped up in the conflict with Negan, fans of the comics have already been anticipating the arrival of the villainous group The Whisperers. Kirkman listed this as one of the many stories The Walking Dead TV series has to mine from, saying:

Comic book fans might be excited about the possibility of the Whisperers showing up in the show. I'm not confirming that, but I definitely would not rule it out.

Now this is exciting. The Whisperers are some of The Walking Dead's most iconic and terrifying antagonists, and they would be thrilling to watch in live-action. We'll just have to wait and see if/how the conflict with Negan ultimately ends.

The Walking Dead will return from hiatus on February 25th, 2018 on AMC. In the excruciating weeks beforehand, check out our midseason premiere list to plan your next binge watch and our cancellation list to see if your favorite show got the chop last year.

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