Corporate Renewed For Season 2 At Comedy Central

Corporate Jake Weisman matt Ingebretson

Comedy Central has a solid track record when it comes to the workplace comedy. Although it is now off the air, Workaholics had a great run, and now it looks like Corporate's first season has debuted to pick up the slack. The nihilistic take on the world of cubicles and boardroom meetings has been met with a generally positive reception, and it seems that we can now look forward to a second season of Corporate on the horizon as a result.

We still don't have much information about Corporate's second season, but the fact that it is happening is good news for Comedy Central. Corporate has received strong critical accolades since its debut earlier this season, and it has earned the numbers to back up its critical success. In fact, the show has already gone on to become the highest-rated basic cable primetime comedy of the 2017-2018 season. Now it's just a matter of waiting to see if Season 2 can deliver the same results.

Although Corporate airs on Comedy Central, the show has not been afraid to eschew lighthearted laughs in favor of an atmosphere of darker and bleaker comedy. The series employs a decidedly cynical and sardonic sense of humor to generate many of its best jokes, and the overall tone of the show actually feels rooted more in the world of David Fincher movies like Zodiac and Gone Girl than a traditional sitcom. Of course, this is by design, as Corporate's Jake Weisman recently sat down with CinemaBlend and specifically laid out how the show was tonally designed to pay homage to Fincher's Fight Club.

You can check out one of the show's many odd bits, below.

Corporate centers on Jake (Jake Weisman) and Matt (Matt Ingebretson) as they plug away at soul-crushing junior executive positions at a borderline evil conglomerate called Hampton DeVille. The show features all of the fundamental workplace shenanigans that one would typically expect from a show set in an office setting, but it also has a considerable amount of dark satire hidden under the hood as well. Among these darker themes include jokes about depression, suicide, and even the military-industrial complex. There's little question that Corporate is a bizarre show, but its renewal seems to show that audiences are responding positively to the weirdness and that Comedy Central has faith in its future.

With a new season of Corporate officially in the works, we will bring you more information related to the upcoming run of episodes as it becomes available to us. For now, you can catch the latest episodes of Corporate on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET on Comedy Central and hop over to CinemaBlend's comprehensive midseason premiere guide to check out all of the shows that are set to debut this spring!

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