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dwight hiding the walking dead

Beware of spoilers below for The Walking Dead's latest episode.

One of The Walking Dead's biggest wildcards at this point in Season 8 is Dwight, a character whose every action necessarily goes against the wishes of one faction or another. His intentions seem to be fully aligned with the Alexandrians and other protagonists, since Negan is the source of all his physical and emotional woes. But as was made abundantly clear in "Dead or Alive Or," Dwight's chances of survival aren't very good regardless of who he sides with. So where is the show going to take Dwight's story?

If Tara's aim had been that much better, Dwight's fate wouldn't even be up for debate, which would have made things quite different once those straggling Saviors showed up. Dwight advantageously made his presence known, and we learned that no one has heard from Laura, the only person who could out Dwight as a traitor. So even though he does direct the Saviors away from Tara's hiding spot, his double-crossing cover hasn't yet been blown, so he's still capable of dealing out more damage on behalf of the Saviors. And now that he knows Tara legit wanted to kill him, there's no real reason for him to look out for her in the future. Or anyone else.

Sadly, any mystery or intrigue inherent to Dwight's allegiance is hindered by the fairly tepid way the TV show has developed the character's comic storyline, which initially changed things up in quite an interesting way, showcasing Dwight as a turncoat even before he'd met Team Family. But while things have progressed from there, it hasn't happened quick enough, thanks to The Walking Dead's erratic use of time and focus.

We should feel conflicted about whether Dwight intends to help or hurt Tara and the others, since his loyalty is a lot more subject to speculation than Eugene. But it largely just feels superfluous to how things are shaping up elsewhere, and I'm not sure the show would let Dwight do any permanent damage to our heroes. Sure he might end up being responsible for Rick's mysterious injury, but there are layers to that situation that haven't yet been explored.

There are still ways to keep things interesting, though. It was immediately and continuously established that Dwight's heart resides with Sherry, but she hasn't been around since she fled the Sanctuary after setting Daryl free. She got name-dropped again in this most recent episode, too, which makes me think she will reappear at some point soon. Her return wouldn't necessarily be the biggest game-changer for any plotlines, but she's the neutral force that could alter the course of the All Out War from the outskirts, adding further texture to Dwight's own story. Plus, Sherry gets very interesting in the comics after the War is over, so we're hoping for that to happen in live-action as well.

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