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Television's most tear-jerking drama is already getting fans ready to cry their eyes out again in Season 3. This Is Us is so emotional that just discussing the series' most cry-inducing moments can even bring the cast to tears. Mandy Moore is among those to get choked up in a new NBC promo for the show. It happens while she is revealing a behind-the-scenes moment that provides startling insight into the actress' performance in Season 2's Super Bowl special. Find out what it is in the video, below:

Seeing the cast get so emotional over how moving the show is offers a prime example of how intense it really is. Season 3 will undoubtedly build on the emotions fostered in Season 2. There is little to go on so far, but the cast has already offered a few teases here and there about the upcoming season. For instance, Sterling K. Brown revealed that the flash-forward cliffhanger involving Randall and adult Tess going to meet a mystery female is a crucial component to the end of the story.

As for Jack's storyline, fans may be a bit nervous about what Season 3 has in store for the Pearson patriarch. With the mystery surrounding his death fully addressed, fans in fear of missing out on Jack's story should rest a little easier. Justin Hartley recently shared that he believes there is a lot of story left to tell for the fan-favorite despite Jack's passing. Given that the show was able to find an organic way to insert Jack into Kate's wedding, there are a lot of ways he can be involved in Season 3, as well.

Season 2 already got the ball rolling on Season 3 by ending the season with some interesting set-ups for each character, all of which seem capable of making viewers cry their eyes out when the show returns. NBC's exclusive digital promo should satiate fans anxiously awaiting the show's return and the chance to dab their eyes with tissues incessantly.

With one of the show's most enduring mysteries being resolved in Season 2, fans will have to see if a similar plot will dominate the story going forward. With the circumstances surrounding Jack's death being answered, a chance to focus more on how he lived could play more central to the story in Season 3, which may (emphasis on may) be less depressing.

This Is Us will return to chronicle the Big Three in Season 3 when the drama returns to NBC this fall. The show will air Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET. For more on this fall's TV lineup, check out our 2018 network TV rundown. If you are wondering what TV has in store before fall arrives, we have you covered with our summer premiere schedule.