Pauley Perrette's Dad Says She May Be Taking A Break From Acting After Leaving NCIS

Pauley Perrette NCIS
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Pauley Perrette's final episode on NCIS aired earlier this month. Since leaving the show, the actress has alleged on Twitter that she was the victim of "multiple physical assaults." For fans wondering how Perrette is doing in the wake of everything, her dad has offered some insight. Paul Perrette has revealed that the actress has not signed on for any new acting roles, since leaving the crime procedural, and he also shared:

She's doing great. She's in better health now than she's been in ages. She's been exercising with her dogs since she got off. I've told her that she just needs to take a break for a while. Whether she takes her dad's advice, I really couldn't address.

Paul Perrette's update on his daughter to Radar is filled with more than reasonable fatherly advice. His daughter has certainly earned a break from the acting world. Pauley Perrette starred in the popular role of Abby Sciuto for fifteen years. A decade and a half is a long time for any actor to be working, let alone in the same role.

The actress wrapped up her run on NCIS with a farewell episode that saw Abby survive a near-fatal shooting, while fellow character Clayton died protecting her. After surviving, Abby helps bring the culprit to justice before leaving the team. Thankfully, NCIS left the door open in case the actress ever decides she wants to reprise the role. Fans had been bracing themselves for the actress and Abby to leave the show for a while.

Pauley Perrette announced she was leaving NCIS in October 2017 and filmed her final episode this past April. When the time came for viewers to say goodbye, they tuned into the show in mass, with nearly 15 million watching Perrette's farewell episode. One of television's most popular actors, Perrette's exit has to have incited interest from other shows and networks. As a show starring Perrette front and center would undeniably be met with much-deserved fanfare. For now, it sounds like the actress is taking some time to relax and rejuvenate.

A 15-year run on a TV series can take it out of you. If Pauley Perrette ever returns to television, she will undoubtedly be met with an enthusiastic response. It would be interesting to see Perrette take on a role that is radically different from Abby. Instead of making another long-term commitment, she could star in a miniseries that would allow her a chance to take on a new character. Most actors work their entire lives to have a role as beloved as Abby, so whatever Perrette decides, she will always have her.

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