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Roseanne Cast Roseanne ABC

Just three weeks after Roseanne was cancelled by ABC following controversial tweets by Roseanne Barr, it appears the series may be headed back to television. Of course, this won't be the show that Barr was originally a part of, but a rumored spinoff that either centers on Sara Gilbert's character Darlene, or maybe even a new concept. Current reports indicate the spinoff, which has not been officially ordered or revealed at this time, is closer than its ever been to happening as negotiations are being made to remove Barr from the series entirely.

ABC is reportedly only willing to move forward with a Roseanne spinoff that has absolutely zero involvement from Barr. That means ABC isn't just content to have Barr off camera, but removed as a creative consultant, financier, and any other role that would attach her to the spinoff in any capacity. Deadline reported Barr is expected to sign an agreement that would likely do just that, as well as prevent her from suing the series in the future. In exchange, Barr will probably receive some sort of one-time payment.

Roseanne Barr has apparently not signed the deal as of yet, and still could change her mind before the deal is officially through. Barr not signing would most likely kill any chance of the spinoff, although it's worth noting that her signing does not guarantee ABC will pick it up. The network will have seven days after Barr's signing to pick up the series.

The good news is ABC is reportedly leaning towards reviving the series provided Roseanne Barr sign the deal, and is already discussing ideas on how to continue the series. Additionally, the network has held off on announcing an official replacement for Roseanne in its fall lineup, which would appear to mean its leaving the slot open for the spinoff. The previously rumored Darlene spinoff is still an option, although there are also reports saying the series may continue with a focus on the family as a whole (sans Roseanne) and be called The Conners. New deals will have to be negotiated with the cast as this is technically a new series, although it's being said the cast members who are on board have all agreed to terms similar to their original deal on the Roseanne revival.

If ABC decides to move forward with the Roseanne spinoff, CinemaBlend will have the news. In the meantime, we also have a full breakdown of all the shows scheduled to premiere this summer at our summer premiere guide. Those looking for more information on how the Roseanne cast feels about the cancellation, be sure to check out what John Goodman had to say about the series missing out on the Emmy's.