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With Fear the Walking Dead Season 4, the Dead franchise finally made its move to connect the live-action universes in a huge way, with Lennie James' Morgan Jones serving as the occasionally feral and occasionally sage-minded connective tissue. During the AMC drama's press conference at San Diego Comic-Con, franchise overseer Scott Gimple was asked if The Walking Dead's Season 9 time jump ruled out future crossovers between the shows, and Gimple's answer was both vague and promising.

It does not. Yeah, that's about all I've got to say. It does not. I wouldn't expect it all the time, but things could happen. You never know who might pop up on Fear the Walking Dead. And that includes not only Walking Dead stuff, but even, you know, potentially people from the past on Fear the Walking Dead. You never know.

Scott Gimple is known for keeping his answers open-ended in situations like this, as not to offer anything too concrete to theorize about. But I do like the fact that he's teasing not only further Walking Dead crossover characters, but also the returns of former Fear the Walking Dead familiars. The latter might technically be more entertaining for fans who have been hooked on Fear since the beginning, since the show now has several long-lost characters whose reappearances would be welcomed.

The biggest of that bunch would most definitely be Rubén Blades' Daniel Salazar, whose fate has been unknown after being last seen in the Season 3 finale. It's been teased both on and off the screen that Daniel will be returning in some capacity, but suspicions rose anew after the first batch of episodes passed with nary a mention. And then there's Ray McKinnon's Proctor John, who made a strong debut in the latter half of Season 3 before also falling victim to the narrative's time jump for Season 4. It's unclear if the intimidating villain actually survived the dam explosion or not, but he still deserves to come back even if it's just as a leather-clad walker.

But maybe it will indeed be a Walking Dead character or two that appears in Fear the Walking Dead's timeline. Considering it'll be about two years into the "future" when Season 9 picks up, that leaves a pretty big window for any new characters to travel from Texas (or wherever) to Team Family's communities. It would be a pretty damned interesting way to introduce the comic book group led by Magna, to be portrayed in the show by Nadia Hilker, by having them first appear on Fear. (The others include Angel Theory's Kelly, Lauren Ridloff's Connie, Eleanor Matsura's Yumiko and Dan Fogler's Luke.) As well, to catch a first glimpse of the new Walking Dead villain group The Whisperers on the spinoff series would be a fun way to ramp up anticipation for the flagship series, even if it wouldn't involved Samantha Morton's Alpha.

Without Madison around anymore, Fear the Walking Dead will now be focusing its chaos largely on Morgan and Alicia, with the rest of the leads also getting time to suffer. The back half of the season is set to introduce quite a few new characters played by 12 Monkeys' Aaron Stanford, Parks and Recreation's Mo Collins and Lady Bird's Stephen Henderson. Thankfully, there's still room for more in this increasingly empty world, so let's bring in some more surprise appearances before Season 4 wraps up completely.

Fear the Walking Dead will return to AMC for the rest of Season 4 on Sunday, August 12, at 9:00 p.m. ET. Be sure to check out the crazy trailer released at Comic-Con, and head to our summer premiere schedule to see what else is coming to primetime soon.

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