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There are many facets to being an actor that are less than glamorous. When it comes to that chilling reality, the cast of Fear the Walking Dead is well-equipped with first-hand knowledge of that fact. One of the show's newer cast members, Jenna Elfman, has yet to get used to the icky logistical aspects of maintaining the series' continuity. When the cast was asked if they dread reading the script and finding out they will be covered in "blood" and other gross substances, Elfman said:

I do. I thought it was going to be awesome, those parts, and then it was like the oil my first episode. Then it was the water part, and it was freezing. And I'm reading these things and I wasn't thinking like to what extent the experience actually is filming in water and now you establish yourself as wet. And now for the rest of the episode you have to be wet. And it's freezing. So, every episode now I open it and be like, 'Oh god, do I have to be wet?'... So for 16 hours--wait, how many days?---now I'm gonna be covered in [water]. So, it becomes a logistical experience.

A logistically freezing experience! While Jenna Elfman told Collider that she did not think about the logistics of the damp conditions she has ended up finding herself in on the series, many viewers have probably not thought about it either. Seeing and reading about it in a script is one thing. Actually executing it is a whole other ball game, as Elfman and her co-stars can attest.

And, given what was revealed in the trailer for the back half of Fear the Walking Dead Season 4, Jenna Elfman and her co-stars are in for a wet ride when the series returns. The teaser for Season 4B revealed that the show's cast of characters will endure some rough weather. But, rain or plain water may be a welcomed counter to being covered in blood, mud, and oil, all of which may make plain old rain surprisingly compelling.

As she mentions, Jenna Elfman had to deal with being soaked in oil right off the bat. Such is the course for actors in apocalyptic dramas. Add the zombie/walker issue, and you are destined to be face-to-face with a level of day-to-day grossness that is pretty overwhelming. With time, Elfman may end up finding herself anesthetized to all of the ickiness that awaits her in the pages of her Fear the Walking Dead scripts.

Jenna Elfman's co-star, Alicia Debnam-Carey, intimated that she is rather used to it at this point and the other Fear the Walking Dead cast members present alongside Elfman when the question was posed seemed to echo Debnam-Carey's sentiment.

Jenna Elfman is still relatively new to the show. She joined Fear the Walking Dead at the beginning of Season 4. So, maybe she will have a completely different answer at next year's San Diego Comic-Con, presuming her character lives through the rest of series' fourth installment. Albeit, it would be totally understandable if she still dreads it. Because, let's face it, it sounds pretty horrible.

Tune in to see if Jenna Elfman's June survives when the show returns. The second half of Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 premieres Sunday, August 12 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. For television options while you wait for Fear the Walking Dead's return, check out CinemaBlend's summer premiere guide. For new television shows set to arrive this fall, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's fall premieres.

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