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better call saul gus gale season 4

Better Call Saul has slowly incorporated more and more characters from Breaking Bad into the action as the seasons pass, and the timeline is fast-approaching the beginning of Walt and Jesse's story. While this gives fans reasons to worry about characters like Kim who didn't seem to be in Jimmy/Saul's life in Breaking Bad, it also means we get to check back in with characters who may have died on Breaking Bad. The latest Breaking Bad actor to reprise their role was none other than David Constabile, a.k.a. Gale Boetticher. Giancarlo Esposito, who plays Gus to perfection, spoke with CinemaBlend's own Nick Venable about Gale's surprise return, saying this:

It was wonderful to be back with David Costabile. He's just a wonderful actor, and it's certainly a different scene than we've ever played before, previously in Breaking Bad, or in Better Call Saul. It was nice to have an opportunity to really have a light moment with Gale in regard to his singing and being in his own world and his being so eager. You know, Gus loves cooks that are eager to please him, and certainly, Gale is the most eager of all, and is ready to go and start cooking. And Gus is a little more cautious in regard to the timing of that. But really fun to have that moment where you see some of Gus' investment in his cooks and in someone he really enjoys being around.

The relatively brief appearance of Gale in Better Call Saul is a stark reminder of why Gale was always going to have an easier relationship with Gus than Walt ever could. Although proud of his work, Gale is clearly eager to please with his abilities, and he doesn't seem any more inclined to step on Gus' toes on Better Call Saul than he was on Breaking Bad. Gale's musical return as he sung the song of elements was a pretty ideal reintroduction to the character, and if Better Call Saul brings him back every once in a while, it should be fun to see how his relationship with Gus develops into what it is in Breaking Bad.

There's certainly room for more Gale in Better Call Saul, even if he never becomes a regular. Giancarlo Esposito sounds more than willing to work with him more in the future, and David Costabile didn't rule out the possibility of Gale having a part to play in however much longer Better Call Saul runs. Of course, he also made it clear that he didn't intend on dropping any kind of spoilers, so we'll probably have to wait, watch, and see. Giancarlo Esposito went on in his interview with CinemaBlend to talk about how invested Gus was in Gale from even the very early days:

You know, we're in a world that exists before Breaking Bad, obviously. So yes, he really woos young men who are proficient scientists. What I love about the scene is that Gus is completely interested in Gale's science. Not only in just the meth-making, but Gale's excited about science, and I think that Gus really admires that and is interested. Because Gus can cook as well, and Gus knows a lot about the science of it, so this impresses him. Not only because he wants Gale to cook for him, but also because he's interested in human beings, and Gale is a fascinating character.

The initial connection between Gus and Gale came about due to the scholarship Gale won, which was admittedly in service of Gus' intentions rather than simply furthering the education of a brilliant young man. Still, their scene together in Better Call Saul proves that Gus has more investment in Gale than just if Gale was another cog in the machine of his growing meth empire. Gale can't trick Gus due to Gus' own knowledge of the art of cooking meth, and Gus seems happy with what he sees in Gale.

The good news is that Breaking Bad's place in the timeline means that Gale won't bite the dust during Better Call Saul, although he may well be dead by the time of Gene's flash-forwards. Better Call Saul's creators haven't clarified when exactly those flash-forwards will be set and have even suggested that they could take place at a point when Walt is still alive as well. For now, we don't have to worry too much about Better Call Saul catching up with Breaking Bad.

The prequel spinoff has been renewed for a fifth season on AMC. No matter how much more Jimmy comes to resemble Saul, he won't make that fateful meeting with Walt and Jesse for a while. For now, we can hope that either or both of those two turn up somehow, and why not an appearance from Hank Schrader? It would make sense and hasn't been ruled out. To find out what's in store, tune in to AMC on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET for new episodes of Better Call Saul. If you're in the market for some additional shows, take a look at our fall TV premiere schedule.