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The Purge Renewed For Season 2 At USA

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Fans of TV horror got a new series in 2018 with The Purge, which brought the action of the popular film franchise to the small screen. It was one of USA's most ambitious projects to date, and the big question was whether the premise that made for hits on the big screen could be a hit for TV. Well, we now have an answer. USA has officially ordered a second season of The Purge.

It's not altogether surprising that The Purge scored a second season. The popularity of TV shows can be somewhat harder to quantify than box offices for movies, but the ratings for the show rank it as USA's current #1 drama, with an average viewership of 1.2 million. The good news comes hours before the Season 1 finale hits the airwaves.

Just as each Purge movie goes in a different direction with the one night each year when all crime (including murder) is legal, we probably can count on each season of the Purge show to try new things. The Purge seems like a great fit for an anthology, which is already a format that works well for another cable horror series.

Season 2 will reportedly be "digging even deeper into the mythology" of the franchise. Showrunner Tom Kelly spoke with CinemaBlend and other press outlets during a set visit ahead of the Season 1 premiere about the potential of The Purge as an anthology, saying this:

The idea, whether or not we stick to it, it was going to be an anthology. So it'd be different cities, totally different characters. That's not 100%. You know how the networks then fall in love with certain characters, and it's like, 'No, we're killing him whether you like it or not.' So yes, the idea is, and no one has voiced anything different, but it's supposed to be an anthology, which I think is great.

The original plan for The Purge was for the show to be an anthology if it were to score additional seasons beyond the first. There's no guarantee at this point that the plans prior to the premiere haven't shifted in some way or other, so we'll have to wait and see. An anthology format could make the TV show feel all the more cinematic, with a new batch of characters dealing with a new batch of problems each time around.

Tom Kelly and other folks at The Purge already had some ideas for future chapters in the Purge TV before the first season even premiered. He had this to say about the potential for the show following Season 1:

We've kicked around ideas for seasons where, 'Do we do the day after the Purge? Do we do a heist movie for the Purge season?' There so many. The great thing about the franchise is the endless possibilities. You know, do you do a bunch of cops who can't bring the bad guys down? There's lots of things you can do.

The day after the Purge could certainly be a new twist on the franchise, and who's to say that there's not as much horror in the aftermath of the Purge as during the Purge itself? Cleaning up can't be pretty, and there would surely be some fresh horrors to explore. I'm not sure how a heist season would work for a Purge season, but that could be a good thing. Who wants to see something we've already seen when there are new and unexpected possibilities?

Tune in to USA on November 6 at 10 p.m. ET for the Season 1 finale of The Purge.

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