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Is Legacies Already Planning On Bringing In More Originals Characters?

Spoilers ahead for the November 29 episode of Legacies on The CW.

The Vampire Diaries franchise just keeps on going. Although the original series and initial spinoff The Originals are both over and done with, a second spinoff hit the airwaves this fall. Legacies features characters who were a big deal on both of its parent shows, with The Originals' Hope at the forefront of the action. Legacies took Hope out of New Orleans and away from any surviving Mikaelsons to enroll her in the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted.

At first, all signs seemed to point toward Legacies sticking around the basic area of the school and focusing on its own cast of main characters rather than pulling in guest stars from the earlier two shows. Even the stars of the series aren't exactly experts on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. For all we knew, we wouldn't get more connections to previous shows than the occasional Easter egg.

Well, in the weeks since the premiere, we had a major character from The Vampire Diaries pop up, and we learned that there are some significant treats ahead for fans of The Originals who are tuning in to Legacies. Now, a twist from the latest episode of Legacies has us wondering if the show is already preparing to incorporate some Originals characters. Here's why.

Hope Mikaelson spent most of the November 29 episode trying to find a way for Landon to stick around at the Salvatore School, despite a whole lot of the student body wanting him gone. It came down to a vote by the council, which was comprised of one Witch, Vampire, and Werewolf representative. Hope declared that she deserved a place on the council thanks to her status as a Tribrid, and as the only one of her kind, she didn't have any competition in a vote.

Ultimately, the council voted for Landon to leave the school, but Hope walked him to the bus stop to reveal that she voted for him to stay and to give him a bit of... well, hope for the future. She gave him a bus ticket to New Orleans and explained that a friend of her family was expecting him and was willing to help him find his mysterious birth mother. And that's not all! Hope also gave Landon a bracelet with a button that would summon her to him if he needs her help.

Assuming Landon does make it to New Orleans and begins to work with Hope's family friend (who she unfortunately did not name), he has the means to bring her into their story. All it could take is a press of a bracelet button, and Hope could be whisked to NOLA to hang out with her love interest and the folks she left behind on The Originals.

We'll have to wait and see. The trailer for next week's episode looks like it will focus more on the Saltzmans than Hope, as it seems to feature the long-dead Jo coming back in the flesh. The odds are that this Jo is a monster of some sort rather than the twins' biological mom somehow resurrecting after all these years, but it should still be a wild ride. Perhaps it will also lead to more information about where the twins' adoptive mom is! Surely the time has come for some details about Caroline. Only time will tell.

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