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Outlander: Will Brianna And Roger's Relationship Be Broken After Season 4?

Season 4 hasn't been easy for Brianna and Roger, and the latest episode raises the question of whether their relationship can recover.

Who Is Young Justice's Granny Goodness, And Why Could She Mean Trouble For Oracle?

Young Justice introduced a mysterious new character known as Granny Goodness, and Oracle as well as a whole lot of civilians could wind up in serious danger because of her.

Why Wendy Williams Is Taking An Extended Break From Her Talk Show

Wendy Williams is taking a break from her show, and it won't be short.

Supergirl's Dreamer Suits Up In First Look At Nia Nal's Superhero Costume

Supergirl has released a first look at Nia Nal's Dreamer suit, and actress Nicole Maines has thoughts on trying it on.

Why Star Trek: Discovery Didn't Introduce Adult Spock In The Season 2 Premiere

Adult Spock is coming to Star Trek: Discovery, but the Season 2 premiere left him off screen for some key reasons.

Supernatural Could Destroy The World In Season 14, And I Kind Of Love It

The world is in danger of being destroyed in Season 14, and I'm strangely on board with it. Here's why.

How Gotham Set The Stage For Bruce And Selina To Become Batman And Catwoman

Gotham actress Camren Bicondova talked what the latest episode's developments mean for Selina and Bruce in the final season.

The NYPD Blue Revival Has Cast Andy Sipowicz's Son

NYPD Blue is coming to the small screen with Andy Sipowicz's son at the center, and the role has officially been cast.

One Of Stephen King's Most Disturbing Works Is Heading To TV

A truly disturbing story from Stephen King's vast library of works is coming to the small screen.

Chris Noth's New Show Gone Looks Perfect For Law And Order Fans

Law & Order vet Chris Noth is returning to the small screen for a show that his procedural fans should enjoy.

Why The Masked Singer's Latest Unmasked Contestant Was Happy To Be Eliminated

The Masked Singer unmasked its latest contestant, and it turns out that this particular singer was happy to be eliminated! Here's why.

When Jeremiah Will Return To Gotham, According To Camren Bicondova

Gotham's Camren Bicondova chatted with CinemaBlend about Jeremiah's return to the action.

Why Jeffrey Dean Morgan Wanted To Return For Supernatural's 300th Episode

John Winchester will be back in the Supernatural mix for the 300th episode, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan revealed why he wanted to reprise his role.

Why Arrow Chose To Bring Emiko Queen To Season 7

Arrow revealed the identity of the new Green Arrow at the end of the Season 7 midseason finale, and the showrunner explains the decision to introduce Emiko.

How Lethal Weapon Could Say Goodbye To Murtaugh In Season 3

If Damon Wayans still intends to leave Lethal Weapon, the latest episode presented a way the show could say goodbye to his character.

Is The Flash Setting Up Nora As A Villain?

The latest episode of The Flash raises the question of whether Nora is being set up as a bad guy this season.

Dog The Bounty Hunter Is Returning To TV For New Show

Dog the Bounty Hunter is making a return to the small screen.

History Channel Has Another Ratings Winner On Its Hands With Project Blue Book

Project Blue Book is already a winner for the History books.

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Premiere Date Revealed In Epic New Winterfell Teaser

Winter is finally coming to HBO with the Game of Thrones premiere date! Check out the footage that came along with it.

Why Outlander Might Kill Off A Major Character In Season 4

Did the latest episode of Outlander set the stage for a certain major character to bite the dust this season?

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