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Grey's Anatomy Meredith Grey Ellen Pompeo

Grey's Anatomy is on the verge of making history, and it just received more good news. ABC has extended the number of patients Grey's Anatomy will be seeing in Season 15. The Alphabet Network has ordered additional episodes of the popular show. How many more will there be?

ABC has ordered three more episodes to comprise Season 15 of the long-running medical drama. The series is set to cross the threshold as the longest-running primetime medical drama in history. Well into its fifteenth season, the vitals for Grey's Anatomy are only improving.

The news puts Season 15's episode count at a super healthy 25. Grey's Anatomy is in no way slowing down with age. Considering most direct-to-stream series are roughly ten episodes in length, the ABC series more than doubling that number is impressive. Few other shows have the story to back it up.

ABC did not give a reason for the increase. The network is evidently happy with the veteran drama's progress this season.

There are a lot of intriguing plot lines on the horizon for fans. One such story will involve Jennifer Grey and her mystery character. Grey's character and her plot line are being kept top secret, which can only mean one thing. Major drama lies ahead!

The series will resume the second half of Season 15 on Thursday, January 17. Grey's Anatomy's return will be an eventful one.

Episode 9, entitled "Shelter from the Storm," will pick up following the chaos unleashed in the midseason finale. Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital will be in the midst of that nasty wind storm's aftermath. For many fan favorites, that means being trapped in the elevator.

In case you missed the promo for the series' winter premiere. You can check it out below:

It is the "Season of Love," so it is not shocking to see a lot of the romantic entanglements featured alongside the life and death business of patients in need of critical care.

One of the moments that is surprising to see given away is Amelia's reaction to learning Teddy's baby news. Her shocked facial expression is arguably the trailer's most showstopping moment. The face she makes learning that Owen is the father is a telling hint that she is not going to take the announcement well.

Meanwhile, the "Season of Love" appears to be in full swing as Meredith and DeLuca steam up their elevator. For those in favor of DeLuca winning Meredith's heart, the trailer offers a promising hint of what may lie ahead for the duo. The glimpse may be a chagrin-inducing affair for those rooting for Meredith's other potential suitors.

Regardless, Season 15 will have three bonus episodes to flesh out that story and countless others. New episodes of Grey's Anatomy air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. In case you need a reminder, the show will return for its midseason premiere on January 17, along with several others.