Love And Hip Hop Star Remy Ma Arrested For Allegedly Punching Cast Member

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One of cable's most popular reality TV franchises is easily VH1's various Love & Hip Hop series, as anchored by its New York-based flagship. Unfortunately, the show's sometimes intense drama can occasionally make its way off the screen and into the real world. Such was the case on Wednesday, when the Grammy-nominated rapper and show star Remy Ma was arrested in connection with a report that she'd allegedly punched a fellow Love & Hip Hop New York cast member in the face.

Remy Ma, who has three months left on parole stemming from a 2007 arrest, turned herself in to police in New York after she'd been accused of punching Love & Hip Hop New York cast member Brittney Taylor square in the face. She was arraigned on charges of misdemeanor assault and harassment. Ma was released after posting the $1,500 bail, though she is due to reappear in court on Friday, May 24.

Ma's lawyer Dawn Florio is denying Brittney Taylor's claims, citing an alibi for her rapper client. What's more, the attorney says Remy Ma will absolutely be fighting the charges through and through.

What Supposedly Happened Between Remy Ma And Brittney Taylor?

Back on April 16, a benefit concert was being held at Irving Plaza in downtown Manhattan, and Remy Ma put on a performance during the event. That much can be agreed upon, but it's what happened after that where the stories split apart.

In a complaint reported on April 17, Brittney Taylor accused Remy Ma of punching her in the face at some point during the event after the rapper had already been on stage. According to NBC News, authorities say that Taylor suffered bruising on and around her right eye.

In a statement, Taylor's lawyer Sanford Rubenstein was not taking the situation lightly, and believed that justice would be served. In his words:

This arrest demonstrates how serious this matter is — it is real life and not reality TV entertainment. [My client] has confidence in our system of justice and will continue to fully cooperate with the authorities.

Brittney Taylor, who achieved fame under her rapper persona Bri Beauty, joined Love & Hip Hop New York for Season 8 in 2017, two years after Remy Ma signed on along with her husband Papoose. Fans can attest that the two don't exactly share tons of scenes together or anything, and even Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Juan Maldonado said that "they're not friends" outside of their acquaintance-ship.

Taylor feuded with Bianca Bonnie during the season before going toe-to-toe with Remy Ma in the reunion special. She didn't return to the series after the special, a sure sign of how serious the tension was between the women.

What Is Remy Ma's Alibi For That Night?

Remy Ma's attorney Dawn Florio attests that the rapper had been at Irving Plaza earlier in the evening, she was already back at her home by 9:30 p.m. That's around the time when Brittney Taylor's complaint says the alleged punch occurred, so that obviously presents a conflict. Per Florio:

[Brittney Taylor] is a liar, and my client did not touch her.

Florio claims that not only was Remy Ma at home by that point, but she was actually nursing her four-month-old daughter in the same time-span of the complaint. It doesn't seem like Florio is too worried about having to prove that point, either. The lawyer stated that there are many witnesses who were at the venue that will vouch for Remy Ma to say that she had nothing to do with Brittney Taylor getting hit in the face.

What Are Remy Ma's Prior Criminal Charges?

Remy Ma's arrest this week makes things all the more complicated for her, considering she is still on parole for a 2007 arrest. At that time, Ma was out with friends and celebrating someone's birthday in Manhattan when she and another woman started arguing after Ma accused the woman of stealing. At one point, Ma pulled a gun, which went off during the struggle.

Her defenders at the time claimed that the gun went off accidentally, but Remy Ma was still convicted. She was sentenced to six years in prison, which she served before getting out in 2014.

After catching wind of these new allegations caused her parole officers to tighten up where Ma was concerned. For the near future, Ma will be required to wear an ankle monitor. As well, her curfew time has been moved up earlier in the day.

I don't think anyone would have to worry about this, but Criminal Court Judge Josh Hanshaft ordered for Remy Ma to stay completely away from Brittney Taylor in the near-to-distant future. Stay tuned to see what'll happen next in this case, which will feature its next court date on May 24.

Love & Hip Hop wrapped up Season 9 in March. Though the show hasn't gotten a Season 10 renewal order just yet, one is very likely coming, since the VH1 reality series has a better demo rating average than just about all cable content that doesn't involve pro wrestling. Stay tuned to see where its future will lie.

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