Jay-Z Had A Priceless Reaction When Asked To Sign A Fan's Baseball

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Jay-Z has been one of the most prominent names in hip-hop for decades, so it's understandable that when folks see him in public, they'd want an autograph. A recent video of the rapper surfaced that showed he's willing to sign just about anything, though he had a pretty priceless reaction when someone presented him with a baseball to sign.

Over the years, celebrity signatures have been found on some pretty weird items, but it would seem that's less likely to happen when it comes to Jay-Z. Check out the video in which the rapper reacts to seeing a baseball added to the mix:

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The moral of this story seems to be don't hand one of the world's greatest rappers a piece of sports equipment to sign because that's not what he's famous for. Jay-Z didn't reject the signing in a way to deliberately embarrass the woman offering the baseball; he just to let her know that he wouldn't be signing it. Certainly, an understandable position to take, especially considering he had already signed at least two posters for her beforehand. It is worth mentioning that the musician does have his own sports agency, so maybe there’s a connection there?

While it's not entirely clear if Jay-Z makes a habit of not signing things he's not directly affiliated with, a quick Google search didn't seem to dig up any off-beat items that claimed to have his signature attached. The closest thing that could be considered questionable would be a guitar, which is still related to music. Plus, it could be a reference to the rapper's famous spat with Oasis' Noel Gallagher, who criticized the decision to have Jay-Z headline Glastonbury in 2008. The rapper famously responded that while he couldn't play guitar, he's still a rock star.

Truthfully, Jay-Z's whole exchange with fans waiting for him to exit the building was about as good as it gets for celebrities. Often the reason incidents like these go viral is that fans catch a celebrity on a bad day, and they fly off the handle and do something they may end up apologizing for down the stretch. Despite his hesitancy to sign the item, I'm sure someone would've paid a pretty penny to own a baseball signed by him all the same, so I can't really fault that woman for shooting her shot when she had the opportunity.

Jay-Z hasn't appeared much on television shows these days, though it's just increasingly uncommon to see him much in the news in general. For more on the times he has made an appearance, check out when the rapper shared some of his more current views on cancel culture, as well as why he's not really up on social media.

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