Usually January is just a black hole of cold and sorrow at the end of the holidays, but this year things are looking up for one very simple reason-- 30 Rock is coming back! After more than half a year off the air, the ingeniously bizarre sitcom will finally be back-- and even if you're still busy mourning the loss of Community, you should be excited about this. To make sure you don't forget about Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy and all the rest in your Christmas cookie-induced stupor, NBC has released a big five-minute preview of the upcoming season, which also includes behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast. Take a look below.

In addition to wanting to find out how Avery escapes the clutches of Kim Jong Il and how Liz might be changed by all the Spanish she learned on a chain gang over the summer, there are a ton of guest stars to look forward to-- and not the "cram the scene with famous people" kind of guest stars they were doing for a while. James Marsden seems like the perfect vaguely dim handsome boyfriend for Liz Lemon, and any time Will Arnett gets to return as the devious gay executive Devon Banks ought to be a national holiday in and of itself. 30 Rock returns on January 12, kicking off the newly revamped Thursday night lineup at 8 p.m., to be followed by Parks & Recreation at 8:30, The Office at 9, Up All Night on a new night at 9:30, and a drama called The Firm at 10 p.m. So see, even with Community gone, you at least get to look forward to an NBC Thursday night lineup that doesn't include Whitney.

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