More is not always better. Contrary to what those fine folks over at AT&T would have you believe, there is a limit to the amount we can handle of most things. Remember that chubby kid from Matilda? He learned there’s such a thing as too much cake after that heinous principal force fed pounds of it to him. Remember Augustus Gloop? He learned there’s such a thing as too much chocolate after he swam in a river of it and got sucked into that tube. And remember the esteemed writers here at TV Blend? Each and every once of us has learned recently that sometimes getting more of a good TV show isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

Whether by forcing out a spin-off featuring too similar of a premise, not taking a long enough break between seasons or simply airing the show for too many damn hours during the week, television networks can get a bit greedy when it comes to on-air products they think can bring in eyeballs. So, almost invariably, they add more episodes, add more time or do something to increase the exposure. For fans, those increased orders are typically a good thing, at least until they get to a certain point and the show starts feeling less like a relaxing activity and more like a chore.

After some preliminary conversations (or bitch sessions) between our writers, we quickly concluded everyone has at least one show they would love to have less of; so, we decided to each put our thoughts down in writing. Without further ado, here are five good television shows we would love to have less of…

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