Walter White - Breaking Bad
If Walter White started out as a mild-mannered chemistry teacher with nothing to hide, the last five seasons of Breaking Bad have seen him develop not only plenty of secrets, but a serious dark side to his personality as well.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Breaking Bad has been watching Walter change before our very eyes. While still presenting his family and the world with the image of a quiet chemistry teacher and family man, Walter has hidden the growing truth - that the identity he created for “Heisenberg” the drug lord has become more than just something he does from necessity. It’s become a part of who he is.

Over time the Heisenberg personality has become darker, more pronounced, and led Walter to do things that he – and we as viewers - could never have imagined when the series began. In its final season, Breaking Bad gives us a man who has two distinct personalities, and it’s hard to tell at this point which one is the real Walter. The Walter White who no longer bats an eyelash at murder is a man who would not be recognized by his family, and the reasons for his actions have changed from acts of desperation to something very different. Walter White’s dark side reminds us of what can happen when good people are driven to dark and dangerous acts, and its sharp contrast with the decent, loving father he started out as only serves to make it more frightening.

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