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Shows with long-term goals, especially adaptations like The Walking Dead , are able to hit narrative strides in late seasons where it’s far more common for series to get worse with age. For fans of the comic book and bloody mayhem in general, Season 6 is almost guaranteed to be the show’s most action-packed installment yet, and showrunner Scott Gimple is jazzed to bring out a new batch of comic characters for arcs that will feature his and Kirkman’s brand of remixed plotting attached, as well as some stuff the comics didn’t get too far into.

Gimple told EW that he’s hesitant to share specifics on who we’ll be seeing come up throughout the season, and that there are “minor remixes” but “some direct stuff from the comic as well, as far as these characters go.” And so here are our five picks for what characters viewers can expect to make their way into Season 6. Some spoilers ahead.

the walking dead
Paul Monroe
Whether they call him Jesus or not, the resourceful Paul Monroe’s presence should be felt soon after Season 6 begins this fall. A simple amount of remixing could be done to have him be the guy who turned Morgan into the calmer person that we were following in Season 5. And that would get them into what Gimple says will be “some direct comic stuff in the second half of the season,” which would bring Rick and the rest of this character crew to the next location, with all the drama that entails. Also, this could be one of the best characters the show has ever delivered.
 the walking dead
D.C. Scavenger Derek
It’s still unclear whether or not the Wolves are meant to be an expanded take on the shortlived threat the Scavengers, or if they’re something else entirely. (Some think that the long-haired guy who first advanced on Morgan is Derek.) The first part of the season is supposed to be big and booming, so it’d be cool if the Scavengers still came into it for the short game while the Wolves remain another deadly entity entirely. But it’s a good bet fans are kept guessing until the premiere.
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Now that Pete has been removed from the situation, Alexandria is in need of a solid doctor to take care of all the people that are going to be getting hurt in the near future. (It might not be that many, but it’s probably a ton.) That’s where Denise could come in, and she’d presumably come in with the recently announced Heath as her significant other. This show needs some more good romances, as well as sound medical advice from level-headed characters.
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Speaking of love (and possibly lust) being in the air, I’m surprised that Holly hadn’t already entered the picture, given how big into Abraham’s story she is. Getting Holly into The Walking Dead would add some personal drama with certain characters, and would also give the show yet another empowered female whose story could be further developed. Plus, her life path hits some interesting places down the line that I hope the TV show will bring in full. They just have to introduce her first.
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Alexander Davidson
In his interview, Gimple says that they’re going to “portray some of the backstory in some ways that you didn’t get to see in the comic,” which means that we might get some details about the life and exile of former Alexandria leader Alexander Davidson. While he remains mostly a mystery in the comic, there would be no real reason to introduce his presence into the TV show unless his story would be told in some way. No surprise, people are also thinking that maybe the long-haired Wolves guy is actually Davidson, plotting his revenge on Deanna and the rest. But these guys’ approach doesn’t read as insanely vengeful, so I’m hoping if Davidson does show up, he’s someone even crazier.

And still we hope for Negan, like the sadistic sumbitches that we are. Find out what new folks will be fighting off walkers and more when The Walking Dead returns for its Season 6 premiere in October.
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