Even though we’re still another four months away from the next season of The Walking Dead, our minds are racing will all of the possibilities that Season 6 could present to this ever-sprawling horror drama. And instead of just sitting back and waiting around in the same mud-caked jeans I’ve been wearing since Terminus, I want to get a conversation started about the six things that I’m hoping are coming to The Walking Dead later this year.

Major spoilers of all kinds to follow in this list, as I’m drawing most of my predictions and thoughts from the Walking Dead comic series. Robert Kirkman and showrunner Scott Gimple have been known to switch up the details in transitioning the story from page to screen, but some of this will still be pretty shocking for non-readers. You’ve been warned.

the walking dead
An Assault on Alexandria
Given how things were left in Season 5 – with the Alexandria community lessened by two and the Wolves ready to stalk some prey – it seems likely that Season 6 will kick things off with one of the biggest action stories that this series has ever given us. Recent reports, beyond the conjecture on character fates, implied that lots of gunplay and explosions are factoring into the Season 6 production, which probably means another body or two may fall by the time all is said and done.

In the comics, it’s Derek and the Scavengers that are the threat, drawn to Alexandria by the gunshot that kills Pete. That battle in turn draws a massive herd of walkers, which becomes a major threat in its own right. It’s possible that these two events, with the Wolves substituting for the Scavengers, will come at different points of the season, as to not blow through too much action all at once, or it might all come in the very first episode. I know which one I’m hoping for.

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