The Walking Dead's New Character Is Going To Be A Smartass, Get The Details

We’re still around five or six months away from The Walking Dead delivering more gut-covered mayhem with Season 6, which means it’s time for rampant speculation concerning what new characters viewers can hope to meet. Luckily, we already know a little bit about the next recurring character – code name: Delvin – who sounds like a bit of a smartass. And that’s not all, as a second character description has also popped up for someone named Tucker. Delvin and Tucker, two names you’ll probably only find in the South.

Now, we know these guys’ names aren’t really Delvin and Tucker, as casting notices aren’t usually spo spoiler-friendly, but that’s what we have to work with, so let’s look at each one and see if we can suss out who they are. Here’s how Delvin’s casting notice describes him, according to TV Line.

[A] twentysomething African-American cynic [who] is left so dumbfounded by displays of stupidity that it’s nearly impossible for him to admit that he thinks, down deep, people are – or at least can be – decent. Even if they’re idiots.

Now, I think we can all agree that everyone in the world of The Walking Dead should be a cynic at this point, as every character has arguably committed some pretty stupid sins against survival. (Carl, I’m looking at you.) So it’s the age and race that could be the key factors here, possibly alluding to the arrival of the braid-headed Heath, whom fans thought would have shown up already for Season 5.


Heath was already an Alexandria resident and supply-running scout when Rick’s group first arrived, so that part of the story would have to be changed up if Delvin is indeed Heath. Despite initial distrust of Rick & Co., Heath comes around, and even partners up with Glenn on supply runs. Plus, he’s anti-Nicholas once the latter becomes more antagonizing; Nicholas is already that way in the show, so introducing Heath now would be a nice way to tie that all in together. Of course, I don’t remember him being a giant cynic in the comics, so this could always end up being a completely different character of a completely different race or gender. But we’re keeping hope alive for Heath.

And now for Tucker, whom E! Online describes as a “hardworker tough guy who values fairness.” Not a lot to go on there, but they also mention that this character will be seen early on in the season. That’s not a description for an evil character, so we can probably rule out D.C. Scavenger Derek. Maybe Tucker is the guy that put Morgan on the path to sanity, and maybe he’ll end up being Paul “Jesus” Monroe, who was about as fair a guy as anyone in The Walking Dead. Or, again, maybe he’ll be some random nobody that wasn’t even in the comics. Argh!

Which characters do you guys think Delvin and Tucker will end up being?

Nick Venable
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