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Here's the thing about pilot season. Most of the orders are just pilots, more than likely destined to go nowhere, but a few of them are something more. Usually from high profile showrunners or writers, they're given more money and a serious platform to succeed. Fox's Locke & Key is firmly in that second group. Based off the acclaimed Joe Hill graphic novels, the show follows a family whose patriarch has just been slain. In response, the mother and three children move into a creepy mansion where they must fend off supernatural encounters in the aptly named town of Lovecraft. Originally, Fox was shooting to possibly get Locke & Key on the air by summer, but they've not pushed it back to the fall and cast a talented actor to play a key supporting character.

According to Deadline, Bully star Nick Stahl has been tapped to play Duncan, the younger brother of the murdered father Rendell Locke. He's an art teacher with some sketchy memories about his past that appears frequently to help the family whenever they get into a pinch.

The source material may seem a little too graphic for some that would prefer it stick closely to the graphic novels, but given a sizeable budget and enough creative control, Locke & Key could turn into a star over at Fox. First though, it needs to find its way onto the fall schedule. Adding an actor of Stahl's talent should certainly help with that.

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