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Nothing like 140 characters to funnel some rage out into the world. Toys ‘R Us recently found themselves in a bit of hot water after Florida mom Susan Schrivjer started up a petition to stop the retailer from selling Breaking Bad action figures. Her reason? They come with plastic representations of the series’ famed blue crystal meth. Toys ‘R Us caved and pulled the toys from the shelves, and star Aaron Paul let them have it with a swift and destructive mini-rant on Twitter.

Making people think about another more famous toy’s propagation of questionable gender politics was a solid way to start. Maybe next he’ll attack the machismo and overloaded weaponry of G.I. Joes or superheroes, right? Nope. He goes for broke and brings the President into it.

This seems like the kind of thing Obama’s Twitter person would actually tell him about. Sadly, Aaron Paul doesn’t follow that up by calling out Putin or God or Cthulhu or anything like that. But he does continue the argument for other non-attacked Toys ‘R Us products still being sold to children.

I know where the video game section is in my local Toys ‘R Us, but I couldn’t tell you for the life of me where the adult action figure section is. That isn’t to say that some other kid wouldn’t be able to find it, but I bet that kid hasn't obsessed over Breaking Bad the way I have. (And I could probably beat his or her dad up, too, so nyeah!) I don’t understand why the store also removed the product from their website, where a child would have to be trying expertly hard to get influenced by a toy’s fake drugs.

Aaron Paul ends his digital soapbox stand by pointing everyone to the petition to get Toys ‘R Us to reconsider their dumb decision.

Will this new petition actually change the retailer’s mindset and get Breaking Bad toys back in stores? We can only hope. Is there any way this situation can be resolved by using magnets, bitch?

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