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Fans of Carl Jones, the madman who produced Adult Swim’s The Boondocks, should get pretty excited. Deadline has reported Adult Swim has picked up Jones’ newest project, Black Dynamite: The Animated Series, after plans for a spin-off of the 2009 theatrical release, Black Dynamite, had been rumored for months. If you are a fan of the theatrical release, you should be “pretty excited” rather than ecstatic, because the show won’t be airing until spring of 2012, so we’ve still got a year to wait out before we’ll actually know if the premise will work for late night television.

Until then, we can content ourselves with the 2009 live-action version, written by Michael Jai White, Byron Minns, and Scott Sanders, who also directed. The film follows a badass former Vietnam veteran in the seventies who begins using his skills to clean up the streets after his brother is murdered. Even though the film Black Dynamite isn’t animated, many of its actors will be the same for the animated series, including Michael Jai White, Tommy Davidson, Kym Whitley and Byron Minns, so the film should be a good gauge of the type of thing we’ll be getting.

Then again, Black Dynamite, like The Boondocks, is hardly the type of material you can forecast in advance. Expect it to be weird, expect it to be progressive, and expect yourself to laugh.