Despite rumors that flew after Alec Baldwin tweeted that he was “leaving NBC just in time”, he’s not leaving 30 Rock. He's not walking on the show or on NBC – he was just apparently irritated with The Today Show for filming in front of his house while covering his stalker story, or so says Deadline. Today he reportedly confirmed he’s absolutely in for Season 7 of the series – and also said it will be the last.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Baldwin addressed the rumors of his possible departure from the show while speaking a the National Press club. He was there to support Americans for the Arts, but apparently what Americans really want to hear about is 30 Rock. I suppose some people might consider it art. Baldwin had already made it clear that his April 11th tweet, was regarding irritation that The Today Show had shown his home address on television while doing a story on the actress who has apparently been stalking him; I guess he doesn’t want any more stalkers in the mix. It was an odd tweet and the explanation didn’t make much sense, but Baldwin insists he’s not walking.

He told the press that he is sticking with the show through the next season, and also said that it will be the last season. This doesn’t really come as a surprise, and although it’s not an official announcement, it's very possible that it’s true. 30 Rock plans to air a second live episode next month as the season winds down, so perhaps there might be a third live episode in season seven as the show takes its bow? Just conjecture on my part, we’ll have to wait and see.

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