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Two and a Half Men made some big changes going into Season 11. The biggest of these was probably signing on Amber Tamblyn back in August to play Jenny, Charlie Harper’s long-lost daughter. At the time, she was only signed on for five episodes, but on Wednesday CBS' veteran comedy series announced that Tamblyn will continue to play the role in a regular capacity moving forward.

The fact that Jenny will continue to play a key role in Two and a Half Men is more in line with the initial news we heard from CBS, which noted the show was casting a relative of Charlie Harper’s to star in the series. At that time, it seemed like a given that the show would add another youngish character that could be a good counterpart to Walden and Alan. Reports indicated that Jenny would be a lead in the series, so when she was only signed on for a five-episode arc, I think most fans were a little surprised.

The casting news came after Angus T. Jones made a video denouncing his role on the comedy and was later reportedly asked to cut back his appearances on the series. The character of Jenny was brought in to fill the void left by the “half” character in Two and a Half Men. Though the role wasn’t a regular gig right at the start, there was always the potential to continue the role, which screams to me that there might have been something about Tamblyn’s character that the studio was unsure audiences might identify with and wanted to try out the character before signing her for the rest of the season. This could have something to do with the fact that Jenny is a woman on a male dominated show or that the studio may not have been confident with the way the character played out in the first episode. Obviously, I’m just surmising here. But I’m glad to see she’ll get the chance to flesh out the character.

Here’s what Tamblyn told EW about her potential to recur just a few days ago.
“I think everyone wants that internally. It’s going to all depend on how the audience and the fans of the show react. If they love Jenny, then she’ll hang around. If they don’t love Jenny, then they’re going to be calling Courtney Love.”

Jenny was introduced during the first episode of Season 11 as the 25-year-old daughter of the now-deceased Charlie Harper. Audiences soon learned she shares a lot of her dad’s passions, including enjoying drinking and women. Jenny’s a totally different character than Jones’ Jake, but a series that has run as long as Two and a Half Men is typically better when it isn't afraid to shake things up. According to Deadline, the bump up came just as Tamblyn was busy working on the fifth episode in her original contract.

CBS’ Two and a Half Men currently airs on Thursday nights at 9:30 p.m. ET.

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