Anger Management broke records when it first premiered on FX, pulling in over five million viewers for its first couple of episodes. The show later averaged out, pulling in a couple of million viewers each week. Still, there are already 90 episodes of the series already ordered, so if you want to catch up on Anger Management, it is currently in no danger of cancellation. Anger Management: Season One will hit Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital Download on January 8.

The series follows Charlie Sheen as Dr. Charlie Goodsen, a man who deals with therapy patients as well as his own relationships, usually for cheap laughs. The series also stars Selma Blair and Shawnee Smith, as a doctor and an ex, respectively. All 10 episodes in Season 1 will be available will be available with the set, as well as a few different bonus features.

There won’t be any episode commentary with the comedy, but there will be interviews with the cast and series creator Bruce Helford. A featurette and gag reel will round out the extras on the disc. If it doesn’t sound like much, it isn’t, however, there is at least a little good news. Anger Management: Season 1 will run pretty cheaply, with Blu-ray copies retailing at $29.97 and DVD copies running for a penny more, at $29.98. This may be one of the only chance you get to see a DVD set that is more expensive than the Blu-ray, so savor the moment. You can check out the full list of extras, below.

Anger Management Extras
  • "Charlie's Baby" (New Interviews with Charlie Sheen, the cast and the series' creator)
  • "Behind The Couch: Meet Charlie's Patients" (On set with the anger-impaired therapy group and the actors who play them)
  • "Anger Mismanagement" (Gag Reel)

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