Angus T. Jones Won't Appear On Two And A Half Men Until Midseason

It looks like Angus T. Jones will probably be able to avoid any sort of unpleasantries on the Two and a Half Men set after calling his hit television program “filth.” The 19-year-old actor created an outspoken religious testimonial that went viral this week that indicates the young actor cannot reconcile his belief system with the writing on the show. Luckily, the young man doesn’t need to show up on set until after the New Year.

In a lucky break, Jones won’t have to appear on the Two and a Half Men set for a couple of months, which should give everyone time for his words to blow over. According to Deadline, there are only two episodes scheduled to be shot before the holiday break, and neither of them will feature Jones’ character, Jake Harper. This isn’t punishment; rather, it’s sheer dumb luck. Due to his character joining the Army, Jones hasn’t appeared in every episode in Season 10, and I get the feeling we may see even less from the character in the future.

If you haven’t caught Jones’ outspoken video, it assaults the entire program, which brought the actor to prominence and earns him over $300,000 an episode. The young man’s contract is up at the end of the season and, should Two and a Half Men return for Season 11, I get the feeling Jones will be out of the picture, whether by Lorre’s decision or Jones’. We’ll keep you posted if anyone involved with the production comes out to remark on the young actor’s thoughts about the series.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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