Following a leaked image that may give us the expected premiere date for Season 3 of Eastbound and Down showed up online, we have what might be another glimpse of the new season. Not a firm premiere date but after a little educated guessing, it looks like Sunday January 15th or 22th would be a good bet. The news came from a popular, if unofficial, Kenny Powers twitter account that seemingly has some ties to the show. Well, they were nice enough to send another photo our way.

It may be a grainy photo, but you can still make-out our favorite hanger-on and former music teacher, Stevie Janowski and what may be his Mexican bride Maria standing in the empty bleachers. Although, that doesn't look like the same Maria... Or any character I remember. Your guess is as good as mine but at the very least, this means that the endless source of laughs that is Stevie will be accompanying Kenny on his trip to Myrtle Beach. Here Kenny will play in the Minor Leagues for the Mermen, hopefully, just a stepping stone on his way back to the bigs, this is the final season after all.

As far as the rest of the image is concerned, at least with this second look we can make out the writing and yes, I'll definitely join you on your Carolina adventure.

The twitter account explicitly states that it's not affiliated with HBO or Eastbound and Down but @KFUCKINGP and the people over at Million Dollar Deal$ seem to have an inside track on the HBO production. Not the toughest mystery to solve after reading this blog-post. Anyway, Eastbound and Down was created by Danny McBride, Jody Hill, and Ben Best and its looking like Season 3 will start January 2012 on HBO.

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